Textiles as a way to decorate interiors

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Tastefully decorated interiors make interiors cozier and match the personality of the household members. Carpets, accessories and other textiles diversify rooms and constitute their unique decoration. We suggest how to choose them in order to decorate interiors.

The right rug

To choose a carpet for a given room, you should first of all think about what functions the room has and what is the style of its arrangement. If it is a living room, you can experiment with colors and patterns, but if it is a children’s room, it is better to decide on one color accent. Interesting and modern carpets will also work well in a study or bathroom. For example, carpet decor car pets are available in so many patterns that there is certainly something for everyone.

A light-coloured rug will go well with colourful walls, but if you want the rug to be an eye-catcher, it is better to go for stronger colors or patterns. If you want to have a cozy interior, it is best to choose carpets with longer pile. This type of rug will also go well with retro interiors.


These are a great alternative to traditional tablecloths, but they can also complement them. Table runners will look good on plain, one-coloured tablecloths. Depending on the size and shape of the table, we may decide on one table runner placed in the middle of the table or two placed along its shorter edge. Table runners are also an interesting decoration for coffee tables. If you have the necessary skills, you can sew the runner yourself. You can find the perfect fabrics for this at https://kameleon.pro/tkaniny.


It is an important element, especially in the dining room. When choosing a tablecloth, it is worth to pay attention to the color of cutlery and tableware. It is good to choose all those elements so that they create a colour-consistent whole. It is good to choose a runner of a contrasting color for the tablecloth.


They may change the character of the interior in a very simple way. They are most often used as a living room decoration, but they will also work well in other spaces, for example on windowsills. Appropriately selected cushions may give elegance or cosiness to the interior.


They are functional, but can also be a great decorative element. You can hang them together with curtains or independently, as a strong accent. We can match them to the color of the furniture or vice versa, that is, in contrast to other elements of the interior. It is worth choosing an intense color or expressive motif, because such window decoration can enliven the interior.


It is worth choosing such bedding set, which will be not only comfortable but also aesthetic. It should match visually and in color to the style of the interior. More and more people decide on floral and other strong, striking patterns.


A blanket, especially if it’s made of a soft material, can give the interior a cozy feel. However, a more designer blanket can be used as a bedspread in the bedroom or living room. On the other hand, a blanket with a strong color, combined with white bedclothes will enliven the whole arrangement.

Accessories and the room

When choosing accessories for the interior, it is worth choosing such textiles, which will correspond with the color of the walls. To lively colors on the walls better choose toned, delicate accessories. It is also necessary to remember about color consistency. However, if you do not know what colors will look good together, it is better to bet on subdued colors, such as gray, black or white. These colors are the most universal and go with everything.

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