How to hang curtains so as not to overwhelm the interior?

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Curtains, like curtains, are returning to the favor of interior decorators in recent years. Often in fashionable arrangements it is they that decorate the windows. How to hang them at home so as not to overwhelm the interior?

Curtains – a classic window decoration

Curtains, once an indispensable element of every window, disappeared from our homes for some time, displaced by blinds and shutters. Now they are back, in a slightly altered version, but still as an effective and very practical accessory. Properly selected curtains can perfectly highlight the style of the room. Selected incorrectly, they overwhelm the interior and give the impression of heaviness. So how to choose and hang curtains so that they blend well with the interior design? You will find the answer in the following text!

Airy curtains 

Delicate, semi-transparent and uniform curtains are a decorative hit of recent years. Such curtains made of voile, satin, organza or tulle often replace curtains. When you cover the window with them, you ensure privacy and protection from unwanted glances of neighbors and passers-by.

At the same time, the material from which they are made is thin and airy enough that we do not have to worry that the curtains will be the most prominent decorative element in the room. The advantage of such ethereal curtains is that they can be upholstered in various ways – you can pin them up on the sides, fancy them up on the slant or leave them loose. It is also popular to decorate the window with an airy curtain that falls freely to the ground – this solution is very impressive, but unfortunately not very practical.

Curtains in patterns

When choosing patterned curtains, you need to be careful. Such patterned blackout curtains can overwhelm the interior, especially if it is small and the patterns on the fabric are large. A safer option is to bet on a fabric with a small pattern. In recent seasons, the most fashionable are curtains with floral patterns. These types of curtains are pinned up in a rather traditional way, since it is their pattern that is supposed to have a decorative function. Remember that such curtains look good in bright and lit rooms. If you are looking for curtains for a dark room, it is better to give up patterned curtains.

Hanging curtains – some useful tips

Even the most beautiful curtain material will lose its charm if it is hung incorrectly. The most important rule when decoratively up-doing curtains is moderation, especially if you hang curtains in addition to them. In this case, it is better to give up, for example, lambrequins, which are most often highly decorative and overwhelming. Also, excessive creasing of the fabric can make a curtain accompanied by a curtain not look good. 

However, if you are very keen on adding a decorative element to your window decor, it is worth looking at the range of curtain upholders, which are available in many designs. We can easily find upholders that will match the type of curtains we have chosen and the style of the room. A cord finished with a braid, an ornate, almost jewel-like curtain pin, or even an updo with a fairy tale motif perfect for a child’s room – the choice of designs is really huge!

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