Curtains – what material to decide on?

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Curtains serve more than just a decorative function. They help to protect the privacy of household members, and also form a barrier between the strong rays of the sun and the interior of the house. That is why it is best to choose those made of material that will last for many years.

To make your curtains last as long as possible, you need to take proper care of them. However, it is worth to think in advance and choose the material that does not crease, is resistant to damage, and at the same time will fulfill the main function – protection from light. Since made-to-measure curtains are usually a considerable expense, it is not worth saving additionally on the material – this investment will pay off, when for a few years you will not have to buy new ones. In this article we present an overview of materials for curtains – choose the right one yourself!

Why is the choice of material important?

It is not so easy to choose a material that will match the interior design – not so much in terms of color and pattern, but just the physical characteristics themselves. A material that is too heavy can completely spoil the lightness of a boho aesthetic or the modern look of a minimalist living room. It is also worth remembering that what suits our interiors also depends on the season. In the summer, airy curtains look better, and in the winter such that keep the heat inside and give the interior a cozy character

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Remember to carefully check the care requirements of a particular fabric. It is better to invest in the ones that can be easily cleaned and at the same time are hard to get dirty or damaged. This is especially important if you have children.

Material for curtains

  • Velvet – velvet is a thick fabric, which is covered on one side with a delicate, shiny mess. Due to the choice of threads, you can distinguish different types of velvet – cotton, silk, wool and even polyester. Velvet should be vacuumed regularly, do not use detergents for washing, and also remember that exposed to prolonged sunlight the fabric will begin to fade
  • Taffeta – can appear as a plain or pleated fabric. It is distinguished by a glossy surface, which perfectly reflects light and creates unusual compositions with it. It is heavy and stiff. A badly washed taffeta may never come back to its original form, therefore, it is necessary to read labels on tags
  • Jacquard – is a fabric that also appears in fashion, being an indicator of luxury. It is a two-sided fabric with a heavy texture, which is often enriched with strong color accents and ornaments. Often, artificial fibers are added to it to make it manageable
  • Voile – is a blend of cotton and polyester with a very light structure. Veil is airy and although its surface is not transparent, it lets sunlight through – so if you only care about privacy, it is a good choice. It should be hand washed.
  • Velvet – also called weft plush because the fleece is made of weft. Velvet comes from the same group of fabrics as velvet (plush). It should be cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent and not washed in the temperature above 30 degrees.

How to choose the color scheme?

It is also worth remembering that the choice of material depends directly on the room – its use and area. Only in interiors with large space can we afford heavy, exquisite curtains – they will emphasize the elegant character of the room, but may also optically reduce it . Therefore, in small rooms it is better to hang in the window curtains made of light and airy materials. They will not dominate the arrangement

As for the color scheme, it is worth following the principle of contrast. If the walls are of one color and subdued, when choosing curtains you may let your imagination run wild and bet on a strong color accent, or even a distinct pattern. However, if in the interior appears, for example, patterned wallpaper, it will be very difficult to choose curtains other than those very subdued. Unless you like the feeling of eclectic chaos

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