How do I install a free-floating toilet seat?

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A free-falling toilet seat is one of the newer conveniences. With this article, you will learn how to install it in your bathroom.

How to choose a toilet seat to fit the bowl?

Before buying a new toilet seat, you need to accurately measure the dimensions of the previous one in three places. The width – where the seat is the widest, the length – from the end of the seat to the fixing screws, and the spacing of the fixing screws (that is, the distance between them). However, if you want to be absolutely sure that the measurements will match, take with you the board or its template traced on cardboard or paper. Then sketch both the outer and inner hole.

What to look for when buying?

First of all, the type of material from which the hinges and the board itself are made. The former should be metal (professionals here recommend stainless steel), because, unlike plastic, they will not scratch the shell, nor will they move or warp. Their next advantage is high durability. We will have a much greater choice of materials when choosing a board. Stainless steel is characterized by an elegant design and high resistance to damage and scratches, and is very easy to keep clean. This quality, however, is associated with an adequate price

Wooden board is a bit more difficult to clean, but its natural, yet impressive and minimalist look makes up for this minor inconvenience. An original solution will be to install a board made of polyester resin. The gel cap is transparent, and in it there are small, colorful decorations. While the most popular solution remains plastic, both because of the low price and the very universal size of the boards made from it. They are not very scratch resistant, but have a much lower price than the others. They also come in many different versions in terms of prints and colors. Slightly more expensive but more durable than soft plastic will be hard plastic.

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How do I install a free-floating toilet seat?

You will need a flat or Phillips screwdriver, detergent and a cloth to perform the replacement. After removing the previous seat, clean the exposed surface and where the screws were with a damp cloth and a little detergent. Press the pins down so that they do not come away from the surface. Place gaskets on the underside of the pin holders by sliding the tabs into the holes of the washers, and then screw the bases onto the shells. Tighten the nuts on the underside as well, but not all the way, as this would make them immovable

Angle the pins so that they engage in the hooks of the mechanism. Remember that the flap should not fall down when fully opened – if it does, try reassembling. Sometimes the problem is caused by incorrect positioning of the pins. If everything is fine, tighten the bolts and attach the masking escutcheons to them. Finally, install the board itself – press the locking button and slide the shell pins into the descent mechanism. It’s a good idea to check that the screws are tight, otherwise the seat may move. From time to time, repeating this action will be necessary

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