How to decorate the window in the children’s room?

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The basis of window decoration is to cover them. Not only for private reasons, but also for decorative ones.

Access to the window should be unproblematic, so we do not recommend putting any large elements on the windowsills. First of all, it is worth focusing on the glass itself and the area around the fixtures. Currently on the market there is a very large selection of decorative curtains, blinds, or stickers for the windows!

Choosing the right windows for the toddler’s room

Children’s rooms are full of color and usually look different from the rest of the house. Nowadays, you can find window panes in home improvement stores that have different colored frames to match almost any color. Keep in mind that this is not the cheapest purchase, and your child’s tastes will change over time. Buying colored windows will force you to arrange the room in similar colors or replace them altogether.

However, if you decide to go with colored fixtures, choose ones with dual colors. Exterior fixtures should have a neutral color, and interior fixtures should be the color of your choice. Otherwise, the consistency of the facade of the house will be disrupted. Nevertheless, the most common colors of luminaires are gray and white

Curtains, roller blinds or curtains

Once we have chosen the color of the window frames, it is time to decorate them. The basis of the arrangement are curtains, blinds and curtains. Most often they are the ones that decorate the windows in the room of each householder. They can be found in beautiful patterns, what is more, they protect residents from the unwanted sight of passers-by. Properly chosen, they will be a beautiful finish to a toddler’s room

Currently on the market you can find a wide selection of roller blinds. We are talking here not only about the usual window shades in one color. Now you can buy roller blinds with fairy tale characters or your child’s favorite patterns. If you want, you can let him go crazy and choose them himself. Just remember that children quickly change their minds and in a year they will probably have to replace the blinds. Nevertheless, this is one of the most convenient options for a child’s room

Roller blinds “day and night” are especially recommended. Access to sunlight will then be ensured when the blinds are gently pulled apart. In addition, they have a good length, reaching only the windowsill. Nothing then stands in the way of decorating the window with something more. Roller blinds are very easy to operate and do not require more difficult maneuvers

If you decide on curtains and drapes, remember about their length. They can not reach the ground, because the child will trample them, and over time unintentionally destroy them. Curtains decorating the child’s room should be light, airy and in bright colors, matching the color of the walls

Curtains are definitely used less often, as windows are more often covered by blinds. However, if you choose them, you can go wild with colors. Manufacturers offer a range of curtains designed for children’s rooms. You can choose those with animal patterns or fairy tale characters. Replacing curtains is much cheaper than blinds.

Children’s room window decorations

For window decorations the most commonly used are lambrequins – these are short strips hanging along the curtain rod. You can attach to them various decorations such as butterflies, bows, beads or popular cotton balls. Lambrequins refer to the colors of children’s room. They look good when combined with short curtains, which are finely pinned

If you have chosen light, airy curtains for the child’s room, then you can also decorate them. It is worth doing it thematically or let the toddler decorate them himself – after all, it is his room. When your child is only a few months old, you can decorate his curtains in the winter with snowflakes, and in the summer with butterflies and flowers

Another interesting idea for decorating the windows is to buy stickers. In stores, you can find many such decorations dedicated only to glass. These can be small stickers with characters, or large elegant decorations in the shape of flowers. Glasses can also be decorated with artificial snow or special glass paints. Keep in mind, however, that each of these accessories must be designed for windows, otherwise attempts to remove the decoration may result in unsightly stains left on the glass.

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