How to illuminate paintings at home?

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A wall with pictures or photos is special in every home. There are memories captured in a frame or remarkable specimens that testify to the individual tastes of the household. See how to illuminate paintings at home cheaply.

Lighting paintings on the wall

If you are still in the process of designing the interior, you definitely have a better situation. You can think about what decorations will hang on the wall and how to light the paintings. Remember to make sure that the lamps match visually the whole interior and have similar access to the power source.

Wondering what color of light to choose? It is good for it to be natural, or neutral. Warm lighting may cause distortion of colors. It will be more yellow, which is not always a good idea. On the other hand, cold light will give the effect of blue photographs or paintings. Remember that paintings on the wall are the main point and you need to emphasize their uniqueness.

Silver, gold or shiny surfaces of picture frames play perfectly with light. If you decide on photographs with glass, take into account that light may bounce off it. Because of this the image may not be visible, so it is good to choose an anti-reflective coating. You can also opt for a picture light that is adjustable. This way you can adjust the angle of the light in such a way that the whole is visible.

How about opting for picture lighting on a brick wall? This is a great way to create a mini gallery.

Wall lamps to illuminate paintings on the wall

Wall lamps are perfect for illuminating graphics, photographs and more. They will emphasize the unique character of even the shelves with decorations. Strong, but slightly diffused light, gives an attractive visual effect.

Instead of wall lamps, you can opt for spotlights. These can be located on a special strip or be fixed separately. This is a great idea if you have several paintings on the wall and you want to emphasize each of them visually.

Suspended ceiling and picture lighting

If you want to mount paintings under the false ceiling, ordinary halogen lights will also perfectly illuminate this decorative place.

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