Plants that like sun in the home

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Light-loving plants are ideal for the southern windowsill, where the most sunlight reaches during the day. Check which plants can be successfully placed on this side of the house.

For plants to thrive, they need sufficient light. However, not all species are suitable for bright sunny places. Intense radiation, which is particularly hard to deal with in summer, can have a negative effect on many flowers – leading to the substrate drying out quickly and damaging the leaves. However, there are pot plants which thrive in such conditions. Learn about the sun-loving flowers in the home.

Southern windowsill

The southern part of the home receives the most sunlight for the longest time during the day, so the plants you place there must love the sun. Species from places with hot, humid climates are ideal

Remember that the most exposed position in the whole house is the southern windowsill. This is where you can place potted plants that are not afraid of direct, strong and even scorching sun. For flowers that need less light, the area around an east or west window, where the sun reaches only a certain part of the day, will be much better.

What are sun-loving plants?

Some sun-loving flowers can be identified by the characteristics of their appearance. One such feature is the type of protective layer of wax that covers the leaves. This can be found, for example, in the agave or the thicket

Other adaptations to sunlight are the thorns or needles developed by some plants, which is why cacti and orchids are ideal species for strong light conditions. What is important, their structure also provides them with protection against water loss. Another feature of light-loving plants that makes them hardy is their thick, fleshy leaves – found, for example, in sedums.


Succulents are also very suitable for a sunny windowsill. This group is distinguished by its great diversity, so everyone should find something for themselves. One of the most popular species here will certainly be the previously mentioned cacti, which do well in unfavorable conditions and do not require frequent watering

They look interesting at home for example when you plant several cacti of different shapes next to each other. Another example of sun-loving flowers at home are orchids. Their owners should be careful when caring for them, because some of them are covered with thorns. Some representatives of both the first and second species of succulents can develop beautiful ornamental flowers.

Another plant that can be counted as light-loving is aloe vera. Not only does it look good, but it is also worth owning because of its medicinal and soothing properties.

Other species suitable for a sunny windowsill are eonium and eszeweria. Their rosette-shaped leaves look very interesting and can be a striking decoration. An original idea for well-sunny spaces are also citrus plants, which can now be found in many stores in versions for growing at home.

Sun-resistant flowers

For people who, in addition to green plants, like beautiful blooming flowers, for placing on the southern windowsill can be recommended, among others:

  • kalanchoe,
  • adeniums,
  • ketoms,
  • geraniums.

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