Wood in bathroom – design ideas

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Many people reach for wood when decorating their bathroom. This seems like a risky idea to some, but there are ways to make it practical as well. Read on to find out how to use wood elements in this room

Tiles that imitate wood

Although nowadays there are various options that allow you to have wooden flooring in your bathroom, the most common is to use ceramic tiles that imitate wood. Nowadays, they are able to perfectly replicate this natural material. Aside from the fact that they look brilliant, they are definitely more practical compared to their original counterpart. This solution allows you to get a very pleasant effect. Such tiles look great in combination with stone elements. They also really look great with classic colors, such as white, black or shades of gray. They can be used both on the floor and on the walls. They are also suitable for the inside of shower enclosures. Then they are an interesting and distinctive element. Then they match perfectly with dark accessories, for example, in the form of a shower faucet or a door with black profiles

It is worth going to a place where you can see the trendy arrangements. For this purpose, you can visit for example bathroom showrooms in Poznań, if of course you live nearby. In addition, you can use the option of an individual project there for free and see your own collections of ceramic tiles. You will also find inspiration in the form of photos, as there are really plenty of such decor options. For this, browse interior design magazines and websites regularly. Woodgrain tiles are used more than once in modern bathroom designs and are liked by many architects. It is an option that works instead of classic tiles. Currently, this is already a kind of universal and timeless solution

Climatic additions

In your bathroom you can decide on wooden accessories. The first suggestion would be mirror frames. They can come in different shapes. However, popular now are those in the shape of a circle. Such a mirror can be highlighted in an interesting way, enhancing the final effect. Other accessories that are worth betting on are laundry baskets made of wood. Besides, there are also hooks, ladders for hanging towels, soap dishes or containers for toothbrushes. You can also choose to have lighting in this style, for example, by buying wooden wall lamps. There are plenty of options, so you will surely find something suitable for you. All you have to do is browse through the stores that offer this kind of accessories

Wooden furniture

Wood can also find its way into your bathroom in the form of furniture. This is an idea that brings a lot of possibilities for arrangements. In such a version, you will find, for example, cabinets on which you can place a washbasin placed on the countertop. A large mirror with an interesting frame will look perfect above it. Other ideas are special cabinets with baskets, bookcases and shelves. A useful element are tables, which can be placed for example by the bathtub. This is a very fashionable and practical idea. When it comes to smaller pieces of furnishings, it is advisable to opt for small, hanging shelves. When choosing such furniture, it is worth paying special attention to the material. You need to remember that furniture made of solid wood should be properly cared for. It is also important to impregnate them. An interesting alternative is laminated wood. Such furniture even perfectly fit into bathrooms in Scandinavian, rustic and minimalist style. You can match them with tiles in a similar shade. Then it will create a coherent and perfectly thought-out whole

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