How to renovate a wood fence? Cheap fence restoration

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Impregnation of wood fence is essential to make it look good, and in addition to be adapted to the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Humidity, temperature differences, rainfall – this is what garden equipment is exposed to. How to renovate a wooden fence cheaply?

Wood fence – when to renew?

Be sure to check the technical condition of the wood fence. For example, thin wooden panels can deteriorate faster. In addition, when you see that the paint is beginning to chip, there is a strange tarnish or mold on the boards, it is necessary to start impregnatingthe fence.

It is worth doing the renewal of the fence regularly, for example once a season, right after winter. In this way every year you will enjoy the aesthetic appearance of a wooden fence.

Preparation for renovation of a wooden fence

Chips, mechanical damage, insect marks, discoloration can translate into an unsightly appearance of the entire wood fence in the garden. At this point, even before painting the boards, you need to carefully sand the surface , for example, with sandpaper or a grinder, and clean and degrease it. This is a key element of renovation work, so do it precisely and thoroughly. This will ensure that all kinds of protective agents will thoroughly penetrate the fence, and as a result, it will look good.

This is important! Before you start waterproofing your plank fence, you need to wait for it to dry. Just leave it out in the fresh air to let the moisture disappear naturally. If it rained the day before and the entire surface is damp, it’s better to postpone restoring your fence to another time.

Renovating a wooden fence – with what and how?

Renovationof wood fence is very simple. The key is to choose the right product for impregnation. There are products on the market that work comprehensively – and it is best to choose such. They protect the surface against external factors, moisture, sunlight, as well as mold and fungus. Some of them also add the right shade to wood panels. This allows you to stain them, but it is not necessary – if you leave the natural color, nothing bad will happen.

Mix the fence sealer well and then apply it with a brush along the grain. All necessary information can also be found on the product’s packaging. You may need to apply several coats and wait several hours between applications. After refinishing your wood fence, allow the product to dry completely.

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