Roller blinds and pleats – the perfect substitute for blinds and curtains

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Blinds and curtains are forms of protecting the interiors of our homes not only from the sun, but also from prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by. Unfortunately, these methods are not for everyone – people who are allergic to house dust mites will not feel comfortable among dust-collecting curtains. Blinds, in turn, do not fit into every interior and may be associated with PRL. See what you can replace them at home, so that the interiors are aesthetically pleasing and still protected from the glaring sun

Sun blinds

A perfect substitute for blinds and curtains are roller blinds. They will be much more allergy-friendly, as most models can be easily vacuumed with a damp cloth. They are also much more versatile visually. While colored curtains can define a room quite strongly in terms of color and give it a rather heavy atmosphere, day-night or even regular roller blinds are very neutral for the decor. You practically don’t notice them, so the room gains lightness without having to give up protection from the sun. Roller blinds are very effective at shading a room, which is especially important in hot weather when every bit of shade is at a premium. Since blinds are very easy to install on a window and can be done without any tools, they are a perfect solution for rented apartments where you cannot make any changes. Even a person who has never tinkered and does not even own a screwdriver can manage to put sun blinds on windows

Window pleats

Pleats are a fairly new form of covering windows, which, like roller blinds, will be appreciated by allergy sufferers. Made of thin material or rubber, pleats are easy to vacuum and wash. These “accordions” are mounted on the windows practically from each side, they can be pulled down from top to bottom or from bottom to top. They don’t even have to run across the entire window. Window pleats can perform the same function in the kitchen as a bedspread and cover only half the window. A wide selection of models, lengths and colors of pleats makes it possible to choose a perfect cover for windows in any room, regardless of decor and color scheme of the interior. Pleats, like roller blinds, are extremely easy to install and do not require any changes in the window frame or on the wall. Thanks to the fact that they are so easy to put on and take off and fold into a small accordion. people with very severe allergies and asthmatics will be able to frost them regularly in order to knock out dust mites. Window pleats are also ideal for small rooms where curtains would take up valuable centimeters of space

How to arrange a window with a blind or a pleated blind?

While curtains cover the window most of the day along with the window sill and the space in front of the window, blinds, roller blinds and pleats expose these places for 24 hours. It would be appropriate, therefore, to arrange the windowsills in an interesting way, so that they also become a decoration of the interior. A great way to decorate your windowsills is to place plants on them. Look for varieties of flowers and green plants that like sunny places. Succulents such as echeviera, sansevieria, aloe vera, or thicket will be perfect. Cacti will also make great windowsill decorations because, like succulents, they love the sun. Rather, keep deciduous plants out of direct sun

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