How to save money on a renovation? Clever ways!

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Remodeling is usually a logistical, financial and… mental challenge. However, if you plan your home refresh carefully, you can say goodbye to stress and nerves. However, it is not so easy to put money aside. Are there any proven ways to save money?

It’s not that easy to save money – but you can certainly try. Some people use conventional methods, while others look for innovative ways to put money aside. In this article, we suggest ways to save for renovations and renovation!

Set aside money systematically

This is probably the most traditional method of collecting money for a given purpose. You can set yourself that every month you put aside a certain amount into a savings account – it does not have to be large, such as 50 PLN. Many banks allow you to set up automatic transfers. If you often have cash, set up a “renovation” jar at home. Agree with your household members that, for example, the one who fails to meet his/her household obligations must add 10 PLN to the budget as a punishment. If this doesn’t help you collect money, at least the house will be clean!

Look for cheaper substitutes

Once you have a starting budget for the renovation, you can start planning what you actually want to change and refresh. Don’t buy chaotically and without thinking! It is better to first go to the DIY store, pick out the items you need and then… look for them online. Maybe the waiting time for delivery will delay your renovation a bit, but this way you will be able to save a lot of money. After all, online reviews and lists are useful.

Do it yourself!

The last way – do it yourself. A very large percentage of your renovation budget goes to paying hired professionals. Of course, if you’re going to replace sewer pipes or fiddle with the electrical system, let the professionals do it. However, simpler finishing activities, such as laying laminate, you can certainly do yourself. You will gain new experience that you can show off to your friends, and you will save money at the same time.

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