List of useful door accessories

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Doors do not have to be simple and boring – thanks to interesting accessories you can make them even more functional and aesthetic. We suggest what accessories you should choose.

It is hard to imagine any room or building without doors. They are a basic element of equipment. However, does it mean that they have to be basic too? Not necessarily! Discover the most useful door accessories that you can install in your home.


An extremely useful door accessory is gaskets. They greatly increase your comfort during the colder seasons, as they allow you to more effectively prevent cold and moisture from getting in from the outside. Thanks to the gaskets you will minimize the risk of excessive heat loss and avoid the problem of mold and mildew settling on the surfaces of walls and ceilings. An additional advantage of this accessory is the fact that it also protects against noise from outside, which significantly improves the comfort of staying in the room. The most popular nowadays are self-adhesive rubber seals, although special brush seals, used for external and garage doors, are also becoming more and more popular. Dust brushes can also be used to seal doors in the home, great for reducing slamming. Remember, too, to make sure the gasket profile matches the door leaf design and the size of the gap the product is designed to fill.


A very convenient and interesting solution that will improve the comfort of using doors are also door closers. This is an accessory that can be used in houses and apartments as well as in offices. Thanks to the door closer, the door will close immediately after someone enters it, minimizing heat loss and thus reducing heating costs. When choosing this element, it is worthwhile to take into account the weight, dimensions and material of the door, as accessories for wooden and glass doors, for example, have different characteristics. If you choose an accessory for a door leaf made of a different material, you may damage it.

Door upholstery

If your door needs an instant renovation but you don’t want to replace it completely, a great accessory is a door upholstery. Such upholstery can be used for both interior and exterior doors, which are the showpiece of any home or apartment. Moreover, a door leaf covered with upholstery, in addition to its aesthetic value, also has many advantages. Thanks to the upholstery the door gain an additional layer of thermal and acoustic insulation, which suppresses more sounds than before. Another advantage of using an upholstered door is that it is easy to keep the door clean – usually, a slightly damp cloth is enough to take care of it. However, you should pay attention to the material you choose. The best are upholstery made of a combination of skay and polyurethane foam. Their biggest advantage is the ease of assembly, for which, in this case, mounting nails, upholstery pins and masking tape matching the color of the finishing layer will suffice.

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