How to properly ventilate a bathroom?

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Adequate ventilation of the bathroom is the absolute basis of its functioning. Due to the nature of this room, there is a lot of moisture in it, which without an outlet route can cause numerous problems.

Improper ventilation in the bathroom is harmful not only for the bathroom itself, but also affects the condition of the entire apartment or house. This has to do with excess moisture, which is not removed from the room, which can cause damage to the walls and the appearance of mold and fungus within the walls and ceiling, dangerous to human health. To prevent this, it is worth taking care of a properly functioning, and thus effective ventilation.

There are two types of ventilation to be used in the bathroom: gravity and mechanical. Let’s take a look at them.

Types of ventilation

Gravity ventilation

Otherwise known as natural ventilation, involves the installation of a well-known ventilation grid. How does it work? With this type of ventilation, unwanted, or humid and polluted air escapes to the outside of the building through a special channel. At the same time the flow of fresh air is supplied through the door.

In this way circulation takes place, which is extremely important in the context of proper ventilation of the entire apartment. To strengthen this process, and the air can move freely around the room, it is recommended to place the grille as far as possible from the door.

Other guidelines, which should be remembered in the case of gravity ventilation, is the distance between the device and the ceiling – the upper edge of the grille should be a maximum of 15 cm from it. Importantly, it is best not to add other variety to the grid, such as insect mesh, because it will weaken its usefulness.

Gravity ventilation boasts high efficiency primarily in the autumn and winter. This is due to the significant difference in temperature at this time, which means that the interior of the building is then most strongly heated, and the outside is cold.

Mechanical ventilation

To complement the first system, you can opt for mechanical ventilation. The associated small fans should then be placed in the exhaust duct or grille.

The functioning of mechanical ventilation is based on the deliberate forcing of air circulation. It can be activated, for example, when using the bathroom or when too much water vapor accumulates in the room.

Unfortunately, the downside of ventilating the bathroom this way is that it has a bad effect on gravity ventilation. It may impede proper access of air to the ventilation channel.

A very important contraindication to the use of this solution is a gas heating system located in the bathroom, for example, in the form of a gas stove. If the supply of fresh air is cut off in such a room, the combustion process may result in the release of carbon monoxide, commonly known as chad, which has poisonous properties.

Bathroom door

Taking care of proper ventilation of the bathroom will not be possible without choosing the right door. It is also worth remembering that the elimination of pollutants from other parts of the apartment often occurs through bathroom ventilation. This system is therefore very important for proper circulation throughout the house, so it is all the more worth taking care of it.

There should be a gap at the bottom of the door, for example in the form of grilles or round vents. Another solution, increasingly popular today, is to undercut the door from the bottom. The height of the gap must be 2.5 cm. This service is offered by manufacturers of door leaves. You just need to remember to indicate already when ordering what room the door will be intended for.

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