What paint to choose for walls and ceilings?

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Painting the walls and ceiling allows you to quickly refresh the interior, giving it a neat, aesthetic look. Which ceiling and wall paints should you choose? Let’s check what you should pay attention to!

Interior paint resistant to dirt

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying paint for walls and ceilings is its resistance to dirt. This way you will not have to repaint the room in a short period of time. The ideal solution will be washable paint (e.g. ceramic), which can be cleaned repeatedly without leaving any traces. This option is particularly recommended for places exceptionally exposed to dirt, such as the hallway or a child’s room.

Matte, semi-matte or glossy interior paint?

The effect that the paint will leave on the wall is also important. Manufacturers offer us paints:

  • matte – they cover best, covering up surface imperfections, do not reflect sun rays, so they can optically reduce and darken the room. You should be aware that matte walls are more difficult to clean than those with satin finish,
  • satin – give the effect of a subtle shine, emphasize surface imperfections, so they do not work well with a rough ceiling or wall. They can visually brighten and enlarge the interior, show excellent resistance to washing and scrubbing.

Adjusting paint to the type of room

What else to consider when looking for the perfect paint in a home improvement store? Remember that the paint must be matched in terms of its properties to a particular room. For example, to refresh the bedroom or home office classic acrylic paint will be enough, because these are not interiors particularly susceptible to dirt.

In the kitchen and bathroom, on the other hand, it is worth using a latex paint, which not only endures well the washing of dirt, but is also resistant to moisture (allows the condensation of water vapor), which is very important in this type of interior. Latex paint will also work well in a hallway (ceramic paint will also be a good alternative). In a children’s room it is worth to cover one of the walls with a blackboard paint, on which you can freely write, which will be quite an attraction for the youngest.

How much does a good paint for walls and ceilings cost?

As you know, the price is often followed by quality. So how much should you invest in interior paint, so that it is easy to apply and allows you to achieve a satisfactory final result, while not ruining your budget? A decent quality paint for walls and ceilings costs from 100 to 200 PLN for a 10 l can. Of course, these are average amounts. Which paint manufacturers are worth trusting? Positive customer reviews have:

  • Beckers,
  • Flugger (option for the most demanding),
  • Dekoral,
  • Dulux,
  • Kabe,
  • Sigma.

We hope that choosing the right paint for walls and ceilings will not be a challenge for you, and the purchased finishing product will perfectly fulfill its function.

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Main photo: Ivan Samkov/pexels.com

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