Holiday home renovation – how to plan it?

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Vacations are the time when many people decide to devote their free time to complete long-lasting renovations or refresh the apartment. Weather conditions are conducive to small changes in arrangements

Although it is spring that motivates most, many people find time to make real changes in their lives and surroundings only with the arrival of vacations. However, it is worth remembering that ill-considered and spontaneous renovation means higher expenses and more stress. Therefore, it is worth taking a moment to carefully plan your holiday home refresh

Take a vacation home renovation vacation

The first basic problem with any renovation is time – namely, that time is always in short supply. So if you know exactly what work needs to be done in your home, you can consult with a professional to determine exactly how long it might take to complete it. It is worth taking into account the unexpected nasty surprises that often come out during renovations and extend your vacation by another 3 days

If you want to save money, you will do most of the work yourself – and you know that after work you just want to sit with your favorite book and relax, not run with a paintbrush and paint the walls. That’s why a vacation is essential. When you are rested, you will be more productive and thus, you will finish the renovation faster.

Plan a uniform arrangement

Although it may seem that accessories such as cushions, candlesticks and throws can be bought spontaneously after the walls are painted, it is advisable to plan a consistent arrangement down to the smallest detail beforehand.This way you can be sure that the colors of the furniture will match with the chosen shades of the walls and the whole arrangement will match with the vintage lanterns you always wanted to have in your bedroom. In addition, if you are redecorating just one of the rooms, make sure that even though the arrangement differs, it will be consistent with the rest of the house. Unless you like eclectic styles – different in each room?

Get rid of the unnecessary

A holiday home renovation is a great opportunity to do a major cleanout. If you’re replacing floors, all items need to be removed from the room – and emptied beforehand

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During many years of living in one place, you often accumulate a lot of documents, unnecessary memorabilia, things that were supposed to be useful, but now you do not know what they are used for. Get rid of them! Leave only the most necessary documents and fragments of memories that bring a smile to your face. Some of them may be hard to part with, but remember what the results will be – cleanliness and harmony in your refreshed home

Secure your furniture

If you are planning a major renovation, temporarily place your furniture in a rented storage unit or in the basement. If you have a lot of space, you can also store it in an unused room. If, on the other hand, you just want to paint the room, just hide the furniture under plastic sheeting and seal it carefully with painter’s tape

However, this is one point that you cannot overlook. Protecting the furniture is crucial, because during the renovation they can get damaged in many different ways – scratched, stained, dusty, cut. Even if you plan to replace them, it’s better to sell them in good condition than be forced to throw them away, right?

Hire a professional for your holiday home renovation

Even if you want to save money and show self-reliance, there are some jobs where you’ll need professional help – like electrical or plumbing. If you don’t know any professionals personally, ask around. It’s always better to call someone recommended – mainly because the reviews on online forums are not necessarily true, but paid for

When you pay, you want to know what for and be satisfied with the results. Remember that when working with a specialist, a good rapport with each other is key. Explain to him what specifically you want to achieve, but do not correct his every move – even if you have a vacation and time to supervise the work

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