Kitchen island lighting – which to choose?

A kitchen open to the living room gives a sense of large space. The kitchen island becomes an interesting element here, both practical and visual. This is an additional place that serves as a worktop or even… a table. How to light a kitchen island?

Why is it worth to illuminate the kitchen island?

Kitchen island lighting should be consistent with the entire room. You can use lamps that will be the main light of the entire space, or illuminate the worktop additionally. It is important that the kitchen island is illuminated evenly, no matter what function it serves. This way, both you and your household members can freely prepare meals there and even eat them. The kitchen island is also often a place for conversations, meetings, video recording, and even… work. Good lighting is essential for comfort here.

A square-shaped kitchen island may be illuminated by a single lamp. Whereas a longer one, by several halogen or spot lights. Remember also that hanging models should not be mounted too low. Then there is a risk of damaging them. Lamps that are too big may also hinder eye contact when the household members are on different sides of the countertop. It is best if they were fixed at least 75 cm above the countertop

Two large lamps above the worktop

Lighting of a kitchen island in the form of two the same lamps is a good solution. It can also have a decorative function. In the kitchen itself you can install soft lighting, such as standard halogen lamps, while the lamps over the kitchen island will become more expressive here.

Virtually invisible kitchen island lighting

An interesting solution is such an arrangement of the kitchen countertop, which visually will not differ from the rest of the lighting.

One lamp, several spotlights

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