How to combine furniture in different shades of wood?

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Wood in interiors is timeless. For years this material has been used for furniture and decoration. But is it possible to combine different shades of wood?

Wood is the most popular material for furniture. It is very versatile, durable and always looks beautiful. Its advantage is also undoubtedly that it gives a cozy aura to interiors. Another plus is that it can be used in many different ways. 

Many people wonder if it is possible to combine different shades of wood? Once it would have been rather unthinkable, nowadays – quite the opposite. Such a solution can be very interesting and give character to the whole arrangement. But how to skillfully choose colors so that the final effect is not kitschy?

Never combine these colors

Shades of wood are related to the species of tree. Oak wood has a different color, others beech or walnut. There are combinations that work well together and those that bite. 

You should certainly be wary of combining pink and orange tones, such as bleached oak and alder. The combination of cold and warm tones like mahogany and natural olive oak will also look bad. 

On the other hand, combinations of wood tones that fall into similar colors, such as yellow, pink, orange, olive, red, etc. look good. 

One shade must dominate

When combining different wood tones in an interior, you need to stick to the rule that one should be dominant. It usually appears on the floor. To it you can choose up to two other colors, which should appear in all rooms. If you want the rooms to be expressive, you can opt for contrasts, such as natural oak and bleached oak, or on the contrary: bet on tones that are very close to each other.

The color of the floor must undoubtedly harmonize with the doors and stairs. It’s good for it to also blend with the window frames, if possible. 

How to combine three shades of wood?

An interesting idea is to combine three types of wood in one room. If you decide to do this, remember the rule that two should be contrasting, and the third should be close to any of them. It is not a good idea to juxtapose three different colors of wood, as such a solution can cause chaos in the room. 

These rules must be adhered to

Interior architects agree that it is important to have consistency between different shades of wood that come into contact with each other, such as cabinet and floor or door and floor. Individual shades should also appear at least twice in a room. They also need to be in different places to make the whole look harmonious. Putting, for example, two pieces of oak on one wall (when apart from them nothing will be in this color scheme) will not look good.

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