Step by step photo frame recycling

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Every object deserves a second life. Thanks to decoupage method you can create many unique additions to your interior design. We show you how to recycle old or broken photo frames, allowing them to be reborn and given a new place on your wall or bookcase

What is zero waste?

Zero waste is pure ecology. It is a lifestyle which is an answer to the growing amount of garbage thrown away all over the world. It consists in reusing used materials, so as to minimize the percentage of waste thrown away. This philosophy applies not only to objects but also to food. Many zero waste advocates also draw attention to food waste. Buying less food and sharing with those in need is encouraged. The main goal of zero waste is to help the planet and maintain a healthy ecosystem by eliminating excess trash made of non-biodegradable plastics, such as plastic, and to minimize world hunger, which affects many poor Third World countries

Zero waste DIY – or the second life of photo frames

One of the good motivators to refresh the arrangement or look through the old, unused or slightly damaged items is spring cleaning. Especially at this time we pull out of the dark corners of cabinets, drawers and boxes many items that at first glance have reached the end of their useful life. Nothing could be further from the truth, because with creativity and enthusiasm, many of them can gain a second life, and even change their original purpose

Let’s say, an old chest, thanks to care, patience and idea can become a seat for the garden or a designer coffee table. Imagination has no limits, it all depends on our idea. Photo frames can also gain a new look and become a complement to the interior design, for example in the currently fashionable Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray colors selected as Pantone colors of the year. So, go ahead!

Zero waste photo frames – materials

To make a zero waste photo frame DIY, you need not only an idea, but also a few essential tools, namely:

  • old wooden frames with glass panes,
  • chalk paint or acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
  • clear wax or matt varnish,
  • pictures, postcards with a particular motif or decoupage paper,
  • dried leaves, rocks, glitter, dried fruit, coffee beans or other materials needed to make the decoration (optional).

The last tool you need is, of course, your own creativity. Do we have everything? Then let’s get to work!

Zero waste photo frame – making

Making a zero waste photo frame is pure pleasure and a great form of relaxation. It’s a break from everyday life or a nice way to spend time with your children or friends if they have a similar passion. The first step to take is to paint the frame in the color of your choice, for example let it be yellow and gray. If you want the frames to be two colors, you should first paint them with a dark coat and then with a light coat. Remember that you have to wait for the first layer to dry before you apply the second one. You can also paint each frame a different color as you wish. When the frame is dry, it should be wiped with sandpaper

The next step is glossing, or rubbing clear wax into the frames. Then cut a picture, postcard, decoupage material to size or add a photo to the center of the frame and close the glass wall. Now it’s time to decorate! On the finished frame you can stick anything that your imagination tells you – sequins, buttons, dried fruit, coffee beans, glitter. We guarantee that the frame made using this method will be an unusual decoration of shelves or walls.

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