Is it worth it to design a kitchen at home improvement stores?

Kitchen design must be thought through to the smallest detail. Kitchen cabinetry should be spacious, functional and ergonomic. Is designing in DIY stores worth it?

Every person in the process of general home renovation at some point faces the question – a carpenter, a furniture studio or a project from a DIY store? In this article we will focus on the last option, presenting its advantages and disadvantages.


In DIY stores we can buy the cheapest kitchen buildings. Both those from the exposition (entire sets of kitchen furniture forming a coherent arrangement), as well as designed specifically for our tastes and needs.

Usually these are also furniture following the latest interior trends . After all, in order to tempt customers, big DIY stores have to match the market demand – so you’ll usually find minimalist and universal kitchens. If you’re looking for something trendy at a good price, the DIY store is the place for you

It’s also worth remembering that you can get an individual, preliminary kitchen design at the DIY store after just a few minutes of consultation. If you’re pressed for time, it’s a good idea to collect your kitchen measurements before making a trip to the DIY store Your cheap kitchen right away.


Unfortunately, price usually goes hand in hand with quality. This is because kitchen designs from DIY stores assume that the kitchen is arranged using elements made of perishable and cheap materials – e.g. plywood. Often, after a few years, some of them need to be replaced because mechanical damage has occurred or moisture has destroyed some elements

Remember also that furniture studios and carpenters have a more individual approach to clients. They don’t care about time as much as the big chain stores, so they can put more energy and creativity into your kitchen design – which means you won’t be surprised by any negative surprises (wrong size, undercut countertop)

And the last thing – if you prefer furniture with soul and uniqueness, avoid DIY stores. They are the equivalent of chain stores – if you shop there, there is a good chance that you will meet someone dressed exactly like you on the street. Even kitchen furniture is made from a template and can be duplicated by your friends and relatives

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