Unique hangers for the hallway

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Hangers, seemingly inconspicuous, yet created in an interesting, distinctive style, can be a unique complement to the hallway, which every visitor will pay attention to.

Beyond their traditional purpose of hanging clothes or storing shoes – in the case of floor ones – they can also become a truly artistic work of art that you can’t take your eyes off. We present not only the most popular types of hangers to the hall, but also those in a slightly more modernistic or even artistic edition

Hall hangers – types

Hangers to the hallway can be purchased almost everywhere. Both stationary in stores specializing in interior design, such as Homla, Home&You, Ikea, Jysk, Świat Firan or Pepco, and a number of online stores, such as Westwing. The most important thing to remember is that you can also buy hangers for the hallway in strictly construction stores, such as Castorama or Obi

An interesting alternative, being somewhat competitive in terms of price to Pepco, are Action stores, offering an attractive assortment of textiles, home accessories and even snacks, which are not available in Poland on a daily basis in other stores. This allows us to have a wide selection at attractive prices. Among the hangers for the hallway, we can choose:

  • wall hangers,
  • floor hangers,
  • dedicated,
  • rotating,
  • pull-out.

Each type should be characterized by functionality and durability, especially resistance to load. As you know, a fur coat or a coat will be heavier than a spring jacket or a thin sweater. Hangers should be distinguished by aesthetics, in order to best fit into the arrangement of the hall.

Hangers to the hall – other types

In addition, in addition to the traditional division of hangers, there are also distinguished:

  • simple, classic hanger with a narrow profile of about 5-12 mm and narrow arms – it is intended mainly for blouses or shirts, and if we use it for clothes on straps, it should have tabs or hooks to protect clothing from slipping
  • hanger with a wide profile of about 50 mm, for jackets and blazers – it is much stronger than a simple hanger, allows you to hold heavier clothing and prevents deformation. Often reinforced with an additional crossbar
  • fabric or flocked h anger – this type is ideal for dresses and delicate blouses. It can be of different thickness depending on the purpose. What is important, thanks to its special surface, it protects against slipping of clothes and takes care of their delicate materials.

The last type of hanger is the buckle hanger, which is designed for pants and skirts, additionally equipped with a frog to hold clothes. Often on this type of holder you can find special inserts, preventing the clamp from leaving marks in the form of indentations on delicate fabrics

Designer hangers for the hallway

Hall hangers are an obligatory element of every hallway. Classic or designer, they allow you to keep things tidy, both in the hallway and in your home closets.

A modern approach to hangers can be discovered by browsing many models available on websites of online stores, and among them a hanger in the shape of a hexagon, will perfectly suit both loft interiors, classic, botanical, as well as modernistic

If we love nautical style, we can bet on hangers in the shape of an anchor, rudder, octopus or resembling a seaside town – a rarity for true nautical enthusiasts

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