Finding the Right Spot for Your Antique Painted Furniture

Are you looking for a special place in your Oregon home to display your antique painted furniture? Here, we’ll discuss the best spots in your home to feature your beautiful antique painted furniture so that it stands out and makes a statement in your living space. Read on to learn more about how to effectively place your antique painted furniture Oregon home.

When to Hang

Hanging antique painted furniture can be a great way to show off your pieces and make a statement in your home. The right type of furniture can really be a show-stopper when hung on the wall. Whether you’re looking to fill an empty space, or simply trying to spruce up a room, here are some tips for when to hang your antiques. 

Choose the right spot: Look for a wall that is large enough to fit the piece of furniture you are considering hanging. Make sure there are no vents or outlets nearby that could be blocked or affected by the furniture. Consider the height of the piece and the ceiling height when selecting the right spot. Choose a strong anchor: Hang your furniture from a secure anchor such as wall studs or a mounting plate. It is important that the anchor is strong enough to hold the weight of your furniture. 

Securely attach the furniture: Securely attach the furniture to the anchor with screws or bolts. Be sure to use the correct size and number of fasteners for your particular furniture piece. Also, make sure the fasteners are properly tightened for the best security. 

Add extra support: For added security, consider adding extra support such as wall brackets or steel cables. These types of supports can help prevent your furniture from tipping or becoming unbalanced over time. 

When to Lean

Leaning your antique painted furniture against the wall or another piece of furniture can be a great way to incorporate it into the design of a room. Not all pieces will look good leaned up, but if you have a large, lightweight item, leaning it could create an eye-catching effect that adds depth and dimension to your space. When leaning, be sure to secure it with brackets or wall anchors so it doesn’t fall and damage itself or anyone else in the room. For items with a more delicate nature, consider using a decorative rug underneath it to protect the furniture and keep it in place. Additionally, this will provide a great contrast to whatever else you may have in the room.

main photo: Morales

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