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In order to reach a wider range of customers, increase conversions and improve your visibility in search engines, positioning is essential. This is a complex and long-term process, which is worth investing in, because the organic Google results are the best and most valuable way to get traffic to your website. What does positioning consist of, what effects does it bring and how long does it take? We answer these questions in the article.

Positioning of online stores – what does it depend on?

Positioning of online stores and the speed and effectiveness of the effects of actions taken depend on a number of factors. One of them is the industry. The more competitive ones require more time than the niche ones in which standing out and appearing on the first page of Google results is much easier. In addition, the search engine position is affected by the structural data of the site, page speed, external and internal linking, the keywords used, the ability to view the online store on mobile devices, and even the SSL certificate and user experience, or UX. Another not less important factor is the company helps You positioning. In the USA there are companies that can do it, but just because they can doesn’t mean it will be valuable. It’s worth mentioning about Philadelphia SEO, because SEO services in this state are on quite a high level, just like some in Las Vegas. Not one Las Vegas SEO Company can provide effective and affordable SEO services. Although it doesn’t mean You have to look for services just in those states. Philadelphia SEO company, Las Vegas SEO company, Phoenix SEO company trustful teams are closer than You can imagine. Of course maybe in the case of proper workflow of Your Business Phoenix SEO or Philadelphia SEO will turn out to be the greatest choices, but it’s worth analyzing the market in-depth. 

What does positioning give?

What do you gain by positioning your online store? First of all, high position in the organic search results. This in turn increases traffic to the site, improves online visibility and increases conversions. This is the number of actions performed on the site by customers visiting it. This is very important because sites that rank first in Google but are abandoned after a few seconds have no chance of increasing profits. Additionally, positioning helps in reducing the rejection factor and building a professional brand image that is trustworthy from the customers’ point of view.

How long does online store positioning take?

As we already mentioned in the introduction of this article, positioning is a complex and lengthy process. This means that by signing a contract with an SEO agency or deciding to go it alone, you won’t see results right away. The first results can be seen in most cases after about 3-6 months. However this case is as complex as the affordability of positioning itself. Who you work with, makes an impact on the time period of the first results to show up. As we mentioned before Philadelphia SEO, Phoenix SEO or Las Vegas SEO company, or many from other states will be different from others, and will determine the final result https://www.icea-group.com/phoenix-seo/

Of course, in the case of smaller stores they may appear sooner, because such sites do not require as many actions as large and complex online stores. Search engine effects, i.e. an increase in the position in the results list, usually appear after 3 months if these are not very popular phrases. In the case of popular phrases this time is extended even to 9-12 months. On the other hand, an increase in sales and the number of inquiries from customers are noticeable after about 8-14 months from the start of the activities.

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  • iCEA PL 20.07.2022

    Positioning is indeed a long process, but it is definitely worth waiting for the results. I learned about effective positioning from: https://www.grupa-icea.pl/seo-co-to-jest/ and after some time I noted an increase in sales and popularity of my brand. It was a very demanding process, but very important for the development of my business.

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