Design a boho balcony – flooring, furniture and decorations

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Colorful, airy fabrics, patterned pillows and decorations in hippie style. What can not miss on the balcony referring to the boho?

Boho style balcony furniture and flooring

Be sure to invest in a wooden platform, preferably teak. Make sure it’s waterproof or treat it with a waterproofing agent yourself – even hot July days can surprise us with torrential rain

Wooden panels heat up, but not too much, so you can walk on them barefoot. However, for a better visual effect it’s worth spreading a light carpet or woven mat on them. This will give your balcony a rustic look and will go perfectly with wicker and rattan furniture. If you are looking to save even a small amount of money, turn to their cheaper and more durable substitutes like technorattan and ecorattan.

If you are the lucky owner of a large, spacious balcony, you may be tempted to purchase a standing or hanging cocoon chair. Lined with colorful fringed cushions, it will be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea or your favorite book

After you’ve bought some comfy armchairs, look for a suitable low table to display your personalised arrangement of candles, lanterns, flowers and incense. Choose the color of the floor and furniture according to your own preferences, but remember that too dark can “overwhelm” the balcony and make it look smaller than it really is.

If you plan to spend a lot of time on it, reading a book or snoozing in the shade, you will definitely like the idea of getting yourself a hammock decorated with hooks and braid patterned after macramé.

Lighting for a boho style balcony

Boho style is ephemeral, somewhat exotic, and cozy at the same time. These qualities should be taken into account when completing lighting for the balcony. Designers strongly discourage those with bright, sharp, white light. They tire the eyes and are more suitable for a home office than a place of rest

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If you want to create a pleasant holiday atmosphere, think about buying colorful, transparent lanterns that you can hang on the balcony railing. Another source of light can be candles in metal covers with fancy cut-out patterns – they will create beautiful, moving reflections on the table surface. Instead of paper lanterns you can use garlands of light in cotton balls style. You can easily match them with your chosen balcony color scheme.

Decorations for balcony in boho style

Boho style is the complete opposite of modest minimalism and raw, industrial interiors. Showy patterns and bold colors have priority here, although those who prefer subtle arrangements may choose beige as the leading color and limit themselves to one, but striking detail. It can be either a macatka with an interesting weave or a hand-made macramé.

For lovers of boho style, dream catchers, embroidered on soft pillows or hung on the wall, are a must-have decoration. Also desirable are wooden wind chimes enriched with feathers gently swaying in the wind and any fabric with ethnic motifs.

If you’re looking for a decoration that will give your arrangement a cozy feel, a patchwork blanket will definitely work in this role. Be sure to choose flowers – if you have previously opted for warm shades of beige and white, now balance them with colorful petals of lion’s maw and gazania.

The boho style is all about the materials used to make decorations, so forgo metal and glass elements in favor of bamboo, wood and wicker ornaments. Less well-known, but equally beautiful will be those made of sea grass. As far as fabrics are concerned, cotton and linen are still dominant. A practical furniture-addition will be a wooden box, into which you can put a pot with a plant, and if you put it with the bottom up and cover it with a runner, you will gain an additional tabletop.

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