Glazing inside the house – interesting proposals

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Glazed doors or walls are an original design element that is combined with many practical issues. Is it worth using glazing? Which proposals are worthy of attention?

What are the advantages of using glazing inside the house?

First of all, thanks to the interesting glazing with solidly made metal frames we can bring back to our house the atmosphere characteristic for e.g. New York lofts. This is a great idea in new apartments, but it will also work in apartments with dark kitchens, which are devoid of windows. Natural light can penetrate such rooms from the inside, which gives new and very desirable possibilities. In addition, you can get thanks to them an unusual kind of partition wall between the rooms.

Glazed space gives many advantages

What other benefits do glazing brings us? Interiors where such design elements are used seem to be lighter, more interesting and better illuminated. Glazing is also recommended due to its ease of maintenance – it is enough to wipe them with a cloth

Are interior glazings safe?

It may seem that – especially if there are small children at home – you should be very careful that such glazed doors are not a danger. In practice, you do not have to worry about it too much: to create glazing, solid frames are used, which are filled with 10 mm thick tempered glass. Their advantage is that even in the case of breakage they break into small pieces, so as not to hurt anyone

Types of opaque glass that can be chosen for interior glazing

When deciding on glazing of a more decorative nature, we do not necessarily have to bet on transparent glass. What for some people is an advantage, such as transparency, may be embarrassing or not functional enough for others. The last group of people may be recommended, among other things

  • multicolored lacquered glass – the surfaces here are smooth and can be matched in terms of color to different interior styling;
  • laminated glass – may be decorated with a very original motif or even a reprint of a photo, which influences its design potential;
  • crash glass – such glass consists of several layers, and its name comes from the impression that it is cracked.

In what form can interior glazing function?

We can choose at least several forms of glazing that look perfect both in industrial and eclectic interiors

A single sheet of glass as a wall

Such a design is a perfect emanation of modern minimalism. However, it is not easy to safely install very large sheets of glass in this manner, which would cover the entire space. As a rule, such constructions are used in partial glazing

Zone demarcation on a solid frame

Solid black frame and milky glazing allow you to create a modern partition wall. Thanks to it we can separate for example two different zones in an intriguing way. As a rule such constructions do a great job as a demarcation of a dressing room or a staircase. Just such a glazing can also separate a windowless kitchen

Decorative glass wall

Glazing absolutely does not have to be boring or minimalistic. Painted glass or the technique of printing on glass make it possible to introduce a very interesting decorative element into the interior. The finish can be in this case very different: it can be geometric elements, floral, but also printed photos. Such solutions look great in the case of a bedroom or a bedroom combined with a personal bathroom. It is worth considering such an option, when we want our bedroom space to look original.

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