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If the table is the main element of the dining room, then the chairs are its main decoration. However, you must not forget about their practical aspect. What chairs to buy so that they are nice, but also comfortable and cheap?

Furniture in utility rooms does not have it easy – the decoration is at most required to look good, and from them? Not only do they have to be comfortable and fit into the interior, but they should also be as cheap a purchase as possible for years!

Fortunately, there are models that meet all these conditions. Check out our picks!

Chairs from IKEA

The Swedish giant specializes in affordable solutions when it comes to interior furnishing. This time they didn’t disappoint either, and their offer includes chairs that fit both modern and a bit more rustic interiors.


A pine chair model with a simple frame and in a soft, light brown color. The designer, Carina Bengs, used the natural properties of the raw material – even varnished wood darkens over time, but the simple, almost minimalist design of the chair frame means that both light and darker shades will suit this piece of furniture. The seat is not contoured, but this only allows you to adjust the softness of the upholstery or cushions to your preferences.

The chair will work well in Scandinavian, English and rustic style interiors.


A bright, two-coloured chair for fans of more modern, but still bright and minimalist interiors. Bamboo legs ensure durability and stability, while the contoured support allows for more ergonomic positioning of the back.

The oval shape gives this piece of furniture an unusual look, which makes it unsuitable for English or rustic interiors, but it will be a perfect chair for a modern style dining room.


A chair especially for those for whom the dining room is sometimes also an office. Upholstered with a special, durable Kabusa fabric, the chair withstands the hardships of everyday use without fading or rubbing off. The metal frame ensures the stability of the chair for years.

Due to its colorful character (the model is available in three pastel colors), the furniture is not suitable for monochromatic interiors, but it can be a colorful accent in modern style, or the basis for furnishing a room in glamorous style.

Chairs, armchairs..

IKEA isn’t the only place you can furnish! What other chairs can we find? You’ll find lots of chairs online, and some of the most popular ones are perfect for Scandinavian style, but they’ll work just as well with modern or even glamour. You’ll find furniture that’s either upholstered or made of sturdy fabric, which you can spruce up with cushions.

Pay attention to the wooden legs, which provide them with stability and a classic touch, while the built-in and made of plastic top part can aesthetically blend into the interior, or on the contrary – break the color scheme with bright colors

For fans of maximum economic solutions and modern style, plastic models are perfect. Thanks to such materials, the model can also be used outdoors, as terrace or balcony chairs. It will prove useful in bright, colorful, modern dining rooms

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