Corner sofa or sofa – which will work better for a small living room?

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A small living room can be functional! All you need to do is think carefully about the purchase of furniture and choose one that can be successfully deployed comfortably in a small room. A corner sofa or a sofa bed? We suggest!

Small living room – how to furnish it?

Whether your living room is spacious or small, there are furniture that you need to fit in it. These certainly include a comfortable seat. What kind should you choose so that it looks good in a small living room and is functional on top of that? Certainly, the idea of arranging armchairs that take up too much space is out. The choice for owners of small living rooms is therefore narrowed to two options: a corner or a sofa.

Corner sofa for a small living room

Today’s corner sofas in no way resemble the communist corner sofas. However, like them, they work well in small rooms. Therefore, if you have a small living room, it is definitely worth considering buying one. A big advantage of corner sofas is that most of them can also serve as a bed, which will be larger than, for example, a sofa bed. So if you often have guests who stay overnight at your place, it is worth considering its purchase. Be sure to choose a model with a bedding compartment – this is a very convenient solution. In small rooms, every storage compartment is at a premium!

The advantage of a corner sofa is that, although it is sizable, it takes up relatively little space. You can set it in the corner of the room, place a coffee table next to it and thus designate a place for relaxation. However, some people choose to place the corner sofa in the middle of the wall, without bringing it to the corner of the room. Such a solution is out of the box, and if you have the space for it, it is worth opting for.

Sofa for a small living room

Choosing a sofa for a small living room is an equally good idea. Especially if you want a handy piece of furniture that you can move around and create different combinations. A sofa also gives the impression of being more lightweight than a corner, especially if you opt for a piece of furniture on legs. A small sofa in the living room is a great idea if you don’t receive guests very often. For regular visits, try to fit a larger sofa or two small ones – the latter solution gives a very interesting decorative effect. 

Folding sofas are available in furniture stores. It’s convenient if we sometimes need to overnight guests. However, it is worth knowing that a fold-out sofa is usually a smaller sleeping area than a fold-out corner sofa.

Sofa or corner sofa?

The unequivocal answer to the question “what is better to place in a small living room – a sofa or a corner?” is unfortunately impossible. It depends on many factors, for example, the location of the window (especially balcony or terrace), the size of the furniture needed and, above all, the preferences of the household members. Choosing the right seat for the living room is very important, as it is where we relax after a hard day and catch our breath before the next duties. Therefore, it is worth betting on a piece of furniture that will be comfortable, but also aesthetically pleasing. After all, we rest better in nicely decorated rooms!

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