How to make a candle from scraps?

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Do It Yourself is the best way to unleash your creativity. It is a great idea to give a second life to old objects. On your own you can make candles, photo frames, decoupage boxes, furniture and even bath balls. What matters is above all the mentioned ingenuity and patience, and undeniably attention to detail. For a small cost we can create real masterpieces – one of a kind. We suggest how to make a candle from leftovers, which will be the complement of any home arrangement, making the moment of relaxation or meditation more pleasant.

Candle – aromatic pleasure

There is nothing more romantic and relaxing than a lit candle. Especially a scented one which will emphasize the atmosphere of prepared romantic dinner or relaxing bath being an element of home spa. It will be also great for interior decoration and meditation. Candles can be found in many variants:

  • tealights,
  • natural with beeswax,
  • wax,
  • floating,
  • massage,
  • scented,
  • decorative,
  • in a jar.

Importantly, many of these candles can be found in an endless variety of scents, shapes and shades. This makes them a perfect gift, and their diversity allows them to appeal to the taste of every consumer. On the market there are candles for children in the shape of cartoon characters or animals

Which candle to choose – the composition matters!

Regardless of the type, the composition of candles is important. As you know – naturalness is in the price. However, many cheap candles available on the market contain harmful fragrance oils and benzene or toluene, which we inhale after burning a candle. It has a significant impact on our respiratory system

The second component in turn can cause dizziness and problems with concentration. Therefore when choosing a candle, it is best to be guided by the type of wax and its composition. Be warned not to light candles made of paraffin wax, which produces the above-mentioned toxins when the candle is burned. The best choice will be candles made of beeswax. They are completely safe and do not impair our health. Once we find such, there is nothing left but to light them and enjoy their aroma in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or wherever we wish

How to make a homemade candle from leftovers? – step by step

Making a homemade candle from scraps is not as difficult as it may initially seem. The most important thing in all the work with handmade candles is, of course, caution, because there is a risk of burning yourself while working. The making itself is a wonderful way to de-stress, stimulate creativity and spend time with children or someone close, such as a friend. Self-made candle is also a unique addition to the interior or an idea for a gift. It can be said that a candle, whether handmade or bought – will always work. To make a do it yourself candle you will need:

  • a jar,
  • fragments of old, unburnt candles,
  • 100% cotton string,
  • pencil,
  • wick,
  • weights – buttons, screws, beads to weight down the wick,
  • a metal container for the water bath,
  • scissors

Here we go!

Take the string that will act as the wick and a pencil – the type doesn’t matter. Tie one end of the string to the pencil and the other end to a weight of your choice, such as a button. Then place the wick in the jar with the weight down. If the jar is larger, you can place several strings in it so that the candle burns evenly. One of the last steps is to melt the wax in a water bath

Remember not to heat the wax directly on the stove, though, as the fumes can ignite. Once the wax is liquid, carefully pour it into the jar and arrange the wicks so that they do not move while pouring the liquid. If they twist or collapse, quietly correct them as desired. Once the wax has set, untie the pencils and cut the wicks to a height of between 1 and 1.5 cm

Your handmade candle is ready!

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