How to decorate a bedroom at a low cost?

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The bedroom is a cozy place, and its focal point is the bed. It is also often a room for storing clothes. We advise how to finish a bedroom in an inexpensive way.

Bedroom – a multitude of possibilities

There are many possibilities to create an interesting and very climatic bedroom interior. Regardless of the dimensions of the bedroom, we can use various styles of interior design. Starting from loft style, to classic or modern – depending on individual taste and of course financial issues.

Initially, it may seem that only expensive materials or accessories can give us the intended effect. Nothing more misleading. Because many stationary or online stores have in their supply all kinds of materials or additives that allow for finishing interiors in really attractive prices and good quality. What is important, you can often find very attractive promotions. An example may be e.g. Home&You organizing cyclic promotions “2 products for 10 PLN”.

Cheap textiles can also be found in a popular discount store Pepco. On the Internet, there is no shortage of more or less known stores, where we can get supplies. We can choose wallpapers, paints or decorative stones for walls, all kinds of textiles, paintings, frames or wall stickers or posters. If we prefer to be independent, DIY enthusiasts can make individual elements of the arrangement on their own, for example using the zero waste method or decoupage.

Style counts

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, you can use almost any style to arrange it according to your own design. It doesn’t matter whether the bedroom is in a detached house, a few room apartment or a studio – there is always an opportunity to create a cozy, original interior, even at an inexpensive cost.

Importantly, it should be remembered that in addition to choosing the right materials for finishing the interior, such as paint or wallpaper, furniture is also important, which will complete the arrangement. Combinations of different styles are interesting. Botanical with industrial style finishes perfectly complement each other. Similarly, combining the classic with elements of modern style will be effective. Therefore, it is important that the concept from beginning to end was thought out to the smallest detail, to avoid the effect of “clashing” of individual elements. Unless we are lovers of distinctive, slightly crazy arrangements. It doesn’t matter whether we prefer classic or let our imagination run wild – what counts above all is self-satisfaction

Don’t move without a mattress!

As we all know, a comfortable bed is the center of a bedroom. That is why you should not underestimate the role of a mattress in your daily comfort of sleeping or resting. When thinking about choosing the right mattress for your back you should be guided by its softness and health promoting properties. Filling is also important, but natural fillings significantly increase the price of the mattress

With regard to the condition of our spine, it is best to choose latex or, as a last resort, slightly cheaper thermoelastic or bonell foam mattresses. However, if we want to take special care of a good sleep, latex mattresses will be the best choice. They are characterized by high elasticity, thanks to which they do not change their structure over the years. According to physiotherapy specialists, mattresses made of natural latex are recommended as the healthiest options.

Top 5 bedroom arrangements

If you plan to arrange your bedroom, you do not have to change the entire interior right away, sometimes small, even cosmetic changes are enough, such as changing the color of the walls or the decorations themselves. Below you will find top 5 methods of low cost bedroom decorating:

  1. Painting furniture – if our bedroom already has furniture that shows signs of use and the passing of time, their renovation can bring an interesting effect, additionally it is not expensive.
  2. Interesting additions – using modern lamps or designer textiles as decorations will surely make any interior look fresh.
  3. Carpet or cladding will be irreplaceable if floor panels no longer look good and require time-consuming and expensive sanding.
  4. Mirror – not only will give a romantic atmosphere, but also optically enlarge the bedroom area.
  5. Photo wallpaper – marine climate, botanical landscapes or maybe more designer one? Regardless of the style, a wall mural will be perfect to liven up any interior.

Cheap but good – we choose accessories

Accessories are an irreplaceable element complementing any arrangement. Choosing textiles in the color of amaranth or red will give an intimate, but also a bit feisty atmosphere, while textiles in blue or white will add peace to the interior. The real hit of this year’s interior finishes are colors 2021 according to Pantone, that is, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey, the combination of which creates a truly surprising arrangement.

Textiles, depending on the store, range from 15 to 50 PLN for a pillow, carpets from 70 to 150 PLN, and bed linen from 45 to 200 PLN for a set. CottonMarket – Sleep Beautiful offers many cotton beddings at really attractive prices.

If we are looking for elements emphasizing nautical arrangements, we suggest Westwing and Nautix stores, bursting at the seams with all kinds of nautical style accessories

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