Is it worth buying a refrigerator with an ice cube maker?

The refrigerator is an absolutely essential appliance in every home. On the market you will find a whole bunch of models, but in recent trends a refrigerator with an ice cube maker stands out. Is it worth to buy it?

Practically, but is it necessary?

There is no denying that in summer a fridge with an ice-cubes maker is useful for cooling down or serving drinks on various occasions. However, the question of whether we really need a fridge with this function, we must answer ourselves. If you organize parties often, or simply know that ice will be used regularly, it is certainly a good investment. The ice cube maker in the refrigerator is usually found in combination with a filtered water dispenser

Which model to choose?

Because this type of model often takes more space than a standard fridge, it is worth choosing a fridge, where the ice cube maker is installed in the door of the appliance. Please note that refrigerators with a water cube and a water dispenser have built-in filters, which need to be replaced from time to time. Generally, this needs to be done every six months.

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