How to decorate a bedroom for little money?

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There are many things that you can have in your bedroom, but you should start with what you actually need. Trying to work with a lot of different items can easily become a mess and eventually you may not need them all. Be guided by minimalism.

This is especially important in small apartments where there isn’t a lot of extra space – using fewer items will make the room look and feel much more spacious. If your room is extremely small, use taller dressers and shelves to get more storage while taking up less space and spending less money.

Think about the features of your furnishings

The best way to have only what you need in your bedroom is to think about what you plan to do. If you have an outline of how your bedroom will function, what you will be doing in it, and what essential items you want to keep in there, you can make this general planning easier.

If you watch a lot of TV in bed, find the right furniture arrangement. Plan the transition from one place to another – you don’t want the path between the dresser and the mirror, for example, to be blocked when you want to make sure the clothes on you look good.

Create a design

It’s easier to sketch out different furniture arrangements than to move furniture around the room. This will save you a lot of mistakes such as making something fit when it won’t actually fit, or scratching the floor or walls when moving a dresser for the nth time.

Measure at least your largest pieces of furniture (bed, dresser, shelves, etc.) as well as your room, and then sketch out a few different options. If you’re not a great artist, try an app or simulator.

Start with the bed

At some point, you need to move things from the drawing to the actual room. Since the bed is the most important part of the bedroom, put it in the right place. Generally speaking, we usually place the bed facing a windowless wall or facing a door. Then we complete the whole thing with items such as satin bedding or pillowcases.

In a small bedroom, this may not work. Find the space that works best for you, but just make sure you can open and close the bedroom door and closet. Also, while it’s perfectly fine from a design standpoint to place your bed under the windows, you may experience uncomfortable drafts in the winter. Add sleeping pillows to add some coziness.

From large pieces to small

Once you’ve found the best spot for your bed, set up everything else, starting with the largest piece of furniture and then moving on to the smaller pieces. Usually a dresser is next, followed by nightstands, a desk, shelves, chairs, and whatever else you may have. Generally, the tables will be next to the bed, the dresser on the opposite wall and the desk in the corner, but this can all vary – depending on your tastes and design.

Put the rug in the right place

The rug is still a key design element in the bedroom. Remember that the placement of rugs in your room will depend on the final layout of the room. Smaller rugs are usually placed under two-thirds of the bed, so they create a comfortable area to tread on when you get out of bed in the morning

Set up the furniture you have first

Don’t buy new furniture until you’ve arranged the pieces you already have. This should go without saying, but it’s really easy to buy lots of different things, but it’s harder to arrange them properly afterwards. Arrange what you have and you’ll know exactly what else you need and where you want to put it if you have enough space.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

There are many tips for arranging your bedroom, including some mentioned in this article. These are just guidelines and there are no right or wrong ways. Just figure out what works best for you and your space.

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