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Buying a car means an expensive expense, and so does a real garage. From this article, you’ll learn how to build one inexpensively without sacrificing its functionality.

Tin garage

Its advantages (in addition to the low price) include the ease and speed of installation and the fact that they are produced in many sizes, so you can easily fit them both to the dimensions of the car and the yard. They are equally easy to disassemble and relocate in case you find a better spot for your driveway

An additional function of a tin garage can be storage or a repository for gardening tools. The thicker the sheet metal, the sturdier the garage, so consider your choice well to give your car the best possible protection. It’s a good idea to coat the sheet metal with a coat of primer, which will protect it from corrosion. And don’t forget to check the quality of the handles, locks and hinges. Before installation you should prepare the surface properly – usually a screed is used, but you can also use ballast or flagstones, one of which will be placed under each corner of the garage

Garage shed

Garage sheds are often made to measure. They can be single, double or multi-car, so you can gain space for several cars at a low cost. If it does not occupy more than 50 square meters, you do not need to report its construction or apply for a permit. They often have an additional small room where you can park your motorcycle or store gardening tools, bicycles or spare parts for your car. Their appearance can be matched to the surroundings or the house, both in terms of color and architecture

A carport can have only a roof, but those with walls are much more practical. They are built of solid or glued wood, thanks to which they blend in well with the garden. The roofs themselves may have different types of covering, for example, metal tile or corrugated ceramic tile, but the most attractive will be transparent (carport type, covered with polycarbonate) and asymmetrical. As for their construction, you can choose from mono-pitched, gabled and envelope roofs.

Garage tent

A tent, regardless of its size, does not require a building permit. Due to its lightweight construction and very easy assembly, it can be erected quickly and easily moved to other locations. At the same time it is strong and stable thanks to the use of aluminum or steel frames and additional fasteners. The tarpaulin itself is made of PVC material

The garage tent can be adjusted both to the chosen width and height at low cost. The recommended dimensions are 3 m width with 2.4 m entrance width and 2.2 heights. It will effectively protect your car from adverse weather conditions, from moisture and UV radiation. For convenience, you can place it on a special base, but it is not necessary. Moisture or mold will not appear in it anyway. Its color can be chosen to match its surroundings; with dark green it will visually blend in with the green of the yard, and grays and beiges can match the house or fence. Choosing black is discouraged – the garage can get very hot in the summer.

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