Cheap garden lighting – what kind to choose?

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Lighting is an important part of any arrangement, including the garden. What type of garden lighting to choose in order not to go bankrupt and at the same time gain a romantic atmosphere?

There are many types of garden lighting. They are characterized by a different source of light, different resistance to weather conditions and, of course, different styles in which they are finished. However, many people are mainly concerned with the fact that they also stand out for their low price. What type of lighting to choose to combine aesthetics with low cost?


They will appeal especially to lovers of vintage and retro. Lanterns on legs, with round shapes, decorative curves and decorated with ornaments, is definitely an interesting way to enrich the garden with aesthetic additions. Such lanterns look good even during the day! They are powered by bulbs, so you have to reckon with the cost of electricity.

If you prefer more traditional solutions, choose portable lanterns – rattan, wooden, glass – where the light source is simply candles. Not only is it convenient – you can move the lantern to another place at any time – but the cost of use is low. And how romantic!


Lights combined into decorative garlands are the instagram hit of the bedroom in scandi boho style. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t light up your garden as well. Garlands have the advantage that they give a lot of light – even small bulbs in large numbers will illuminate the terrace or balcony. On top of that, they are simply aesthetically pleasing and are available in the market in a large number of types and inspired by many styles. You can match them with minimalist arrangements (just bulbs on a cable, no lampshades) or more cozy, like boho (tiny lanterns).

Solar lamps

Stamped solar lamps are an absolute hit in any garden. They have a mini solar battery that collects energy through the day and then gives it back to the bulb, which shines brightly throughout the night. You do not need to connect them to the electrical system, you do not have to worry about the potential risk of fire – just replace burned out bulbs from time to time. Their installation is also trivial – just stick them with a spike into the ground in the chosen place. Solar lamps, especially the tiny ones, bring a magical atmosphere to the gardens.

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