What is the best material to buy chairs from to make them last as long as possible?

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Chair upholstery needs to be replaced every so often. Which are the most durable and will look great for a long time, even for frequently used seats?

For years, upholstered chairs have been a hit. They can have different faces, and are much more comfortable than those made entirely of plastic or wood. In addition, the right upholstery can additionally serve a decorative function in the interior, where the seats are located. Unfortunately, the downside of upholstery is that it wears out, and rubbed looks unattractive. Therefore, it is worth choosing such materials that will last.

Upholstery for chairs – what to follow when choosing it?

When choosing upholstered chairs, most people pay attention mainly to how they look. We focus on the shape and color. This is normal, after all, the furniture is supposed to look good in the dining room or living room. However, it is also worth taking a closer look at the material used to upholster the chair.

When looking at the upholstery, pay attention to the number of cycles according to the Martindale’ scale, this is an important indicator, informing about the resistance to abrasion of the material. Another consideration is the grammage of the material – the denser, the stronger.

Chairs often get dirty, so it is good to choose upholstery that will be stain-resistant. It is also good for the fabric to be resistant to stretching and the formation of holes (it should be quite thick).

Pet owners should also pay attention to whether the fabric is pet friendly. Such will be easier to clean, and resistant to claw scratches.

The most popular chair upholstery

In furniture stores we will meet with leather (made of leather-like material) upholstery or fabric. Leather upholstery is undoubtedly very elegant, but maintenance is often necessary. The problem with eco-leather is that it cracks, but as manufacturers assure us, the plastic currently produced is durable and resistant to cracking and rubbing.

As for fabric upholstery, chenille and microfiber are the most popular. They are soft and quite easy to clean. Chenille resembles corduroy, is quite thick, resistant to rubbing and stretching.

Among the strong chair upholstery should also be mentioned plush (velvet, velvet and velour are usually used). The advantage of this fabric is that it has a soft, pleasant to the touch surface, it is easy to keep clean, and it looks beautiful in all kinds of interiors.

Currently, plaid is also fashionable. Such material has a distinct texture and is very resistant to wear. The weave of two threads in different shades suits mainly modern interiors.

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