6 ideas for using shoeboxes

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Do you love buying shoes, and do you store empty boxes in corners to collect dust? If you don’t want to throw them away, you can make something useful out of them – and there are 6 ways to do it. Curious?

In any home, you’ll find a lot of unwanted items during a thorough cleaning. And in every house some of them will be empty shoe boxes that you once put away in the closet “because they will come in handy someday”. And that’s just the way it is – you can use them to create useful interior design elements or interesting gadgets that will serve you and your household members.

Paper, tape, gift!

Have you ever wrapped an irregularly shaped object in gift paper? Teddy bears, soft clothes, geometric elements with sharp angles, balls… Usually difficult to pack in paper gifts are given in gift bags. However, if you have an abundance of shoeboxes in your home, you can use them – and your gifts will look incredibly elegant

All you need to do is tape both the box and its lid with the gift paper of your choice using double-sided tape. You can tie the finished gift with a ribbon to keep the lid in place and add an elegant touch to the box

Desk organiser

Pens and pencils lie scattered on your desk and you can never find them when you need them most? Say goodbye to this problem! Cut symmetrical triangular holes in the long sides of the bottom of the shoebox – the base of the triangle should be on the top edge and the tip should reach the bottom. They should be exactly in the middle of the side of the box. Then “break” the bottom of the cardboard so that the bend line runs from one tip of the triangle to the other, creating two separate containers

You can, of course, decorate your organizer to cover the company logos or colors of the cardboard. Just paint it with opaque paint or tape it with gift paper. Remember to tape it at the bottom with double-sided tape – that way it won’t “split” both ways

Medication locker

If your home has a special drawer or shelf for storing medicines, it will sooner or later become a complete chaos. Spilled plasters, spilled eye drops and cough syrups mixed with stomach ailments. If this is what it looks like at home, it’s time to change it

A shoebox can serve as a convenient organizer for medications in a drawer – you can use the lid to make compartments that you can put inside and label with medication categories. And if you’re storing medications on a shelf, stack the boxes one on top of the other, labeling them with the names of the medications you find inside


This way of using a shoebox will especially appeal to your little ones. With some sticky tape, a piece of wire and a magnifying glass, you can conjure up a device that will allow you to enjoy a movie experience like in a real cinema!

Trace the shape of a magnifying glass onto the short side of a shoebox. Cut out a hole in which to place the magnifying glass and then attach it using sticky tape. In the middle of the box, attach a bent wire (it can be part of a coat hanger), which will serve as a support for the phone. The principle is simple – you close the box, turn on a movie or photos on your smartphone. In a dark room, a beam of light from the display passes through the magnifying glass. An image will then be displayed on the blank wall

Jewelry box

If you constantly lose your rings and necklaces lie loose on your dressing table or bedside table, use one of your unwanted shoe boxes to create an elegant jewelry organizer. Just cover the outside with gift paper matching your bedroom decor and divide the inside with a cardboard compartment. The inside can be lined with tight-fitting rolls of fabric or a piece of sponge with holes – this will keep your rings and earrings (the easiest jewelry to lose) safe

Cable organizer

Cables tangled on the floorcollecting dust and hair are the nightmare of every interior perfectionist. With a little ingenuity, aesthetic sense, and an empty shoebox, you can eliminate this problem once and for all

Cut one hole in the shorter side of a shoebox covered with fabric or paper. Put an extension cord with several sockets inside and thread the cable through the hole you made earlier. On the longer side of the box make the number of holes adequate to the number of sockets. You can label them as e.g. laptop charger, phone charger, lamp cable etc. and then thread the cables through them corresponding to the descriptions. Thanks to this you will never again have to untangle cables or test which input fits the device you are currently holding in your hand.

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