Eco-friendly home – furniture, decoration and appliances

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Introducing even small eco-friendly solutions is commendable, but did you know that you can apply them to your entire home? Thanks to this article you will learn how to decorate your home in an eco style, taking into account the idea of less waste i zero waste.

Furniture in the home in an eco style

Many stores offer furniture made in a nature-friendly way and with natural materials. They may also come from recycled materials, a flea market or… from your own home. It is enough to renovate them to restore their aesthetic appearance and functionality. Wood, stone, wicker, and rattan are the raw materials that can help you create an eco-friendly arrangement. The best effect will be achieved by using all of them – their natural colors and textures will be a unique decoration of the apartment by themselves.

Lovers of carpentry, DIY and DIY will be pleased to know that many eco furniture pieces can be made by themselves. Pallets, for example, will give them many possibilities – you can use them to make a bed frame, coffee table, bookshelf, closet or a box. Natural material, minimalist appearance and simple construction – equipment made from pallets will perfectly fit into the arrangement of a house in an eco style . In a similar way, it is worth using wooden boxes.

Decorations in a home in an eco style

Do you love looking at the garden outside your window, enjoying morning tea on the terrace and relaxing in your small, private arboretum? If so, you should definitely decide to bring as many plants into your house as possible. You will appreciate them not only for the healthier, better humidified air, but also for their unique, subtle appearance

You will also find that the leaves can look just as striking as the flowers – if not more so. The monstera is an extraordinarily large plant that makes your home not a garden but a jungle. Its spreading leaves look hollow or even cut, so they will guarantee a daily view of the beautiful komorebi – rays of sunlight subtly penetrating through the leaves

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In turn, those in kalatei have radially arranged streaks of different colors, in maranta – red and purple veins. If you are still a fan of flowers, choose potted ones instead of cut ones. Nature has already created the most beautiful decorations – you just need to know how to notice them and take good care of them.

What else but plants? As in the case of furniture, the materials from which the decorations will be made are important. In the case of the latter, pay attention to bamboo, clay and ceramic, and to such fabrics as wool, linen and cotton. Nothing guarantees such a cozy, homey atmosphere as soft blankets and pillows, especially those sewn using patchwork method. Multicolored, sewn scraps will look rustic and visually warm up the interior. You can also make them a lovely cuddly toy for your child or cat

Jars can be used to make atmospheric lanterns and hand-painted tins can be used as plant pots or pen holders. Don’t throw away shoeboxes – if you decorate them properly they can still be used as… a box.

Energy saving devices

Everyone has heard of energy saving light bulbs . However far fewer people know how to save water (collecting rainwater for plants should also be obvious). The aerator, as it is called, is a small ring with a built-in strainer, which is installed at the end of the tap or shower spout. It works by aerating the water. You’re unlikely to notice a change in the flow, but you’ll notice it on your bills.

Using a bagless vacuum cleaner will reduce the amount of trash you throw away. If many of the appliances in your home are battery-powered, use rechargeable batteries instead. Energy efficient: Refrigerator, washing machine, stove, oven are really expensive purchases, but considering the many years of use – certainly economical.

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