Affordable but practical bathroom accessories

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Bathroom accessories are a clever way to stand out and show off your style and tastes. They are practical and functional, but they can also be pretty and personal. They show your character and your sensibility Besides basic soaps and shampoos, what accessories are worth buying?

Grey accents

The color gray is somewhat conservative and modest. It implies maturity and sophistication, so it’s great for a restroom used by guests. A soap dispenser will prevent surfaces in the bathroom from getting dirty. And one with stainless steel accents will enhance your style and decor.

A mug reduces the “insult” of putting your hands under running water and is essential for guest rooms. Why? Because many guests will bring a toothbrush, but few will bring a mug and may be embarrassed to borrow one from your kitchen

Of course, you can’t forget about accessories like toilet brushes. Each item will contribute to complementing and enriching your arrangement.

Home spa

When you’re in a spa, you’re probably not paying attention to your surroundings. You are most likely too busy relaxing and enjoying your treatments. You can bring the spa into your home by simply adding the appropriate bathroom accessories.

Use warm, yellow colors in your spa-like set to add comfort and cheer. Get exfoliating sponges, fancy bath gloves, fluffy flannels and skin brushes. Use small, intricate glass containers to add luxury to your bathroom, even if they are filled with inexpensive daily care products.

Bath sponges

When you get to the “bathroom” section of a supermarket or other store, you’re likely to be drawn to bright colors and fluffy items. They may be mittens to with fluffy folds and cute embellishments. But if you want to remove dead skin, buy a natural loofah.

They are made from plants, so they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Alternatively, you can buy a hard sponge. Buy a product with a fancy finish if you don’t want it to be too spartan. You can tuck it into terry cloth and staple the flap to your hand, making it easier to use when wet, foamy and slippery. The flap is especially helpful for hard to reach parts of your back.

Ceramic Accessories

Some people like bright, cheerful colors. Others prefer something simple, clean and minimalist. There are also dark shades, modest shapes, etc.

The Cermaic bathroom accessories set falls into the “simple and minimalist” category. They are delicate, white and clean – a glass vase, a glass with saucer and a ceramic soap dispenser. If you want a soft touch, you can add a napkin or a wicker ball for decorative purposes.

Rustic style

If you prefer a more rustic approach, you can buy wooden (or wood-like) bathroom accessories. They can be covered with wooden elements or you can use glass and plastic with wooden prints. You can even knit covers for your bath clothes.

The pieces can be brown or beige. This accessory set is perfect for a log cabin, outdoor shower or any wood home. The entire bathroom doesn’t have to be wood – just match the accessories to the wood baseboards, boxes, mirror frames or paneled roof.


Storage is a form of practical bathroom decoration. Usually there is a cabinet behind the mirror or maybe some drawers under the sink. You may even have recessed tile shelves in your shower stall. But maybe your small bathroom has limited space and few storage options.

In that case, a ladder shelf would be a good choice. White maintains hygiene and makes the enlargement visually larger. It is an open shelf, so it allows moist air to circulate freely. This reduces potential damage from moisture. “Ladder” also allows access to higher parts of the room.

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