Flangeless toilet bowl – what does it mean and how does it work?

When looking for bathroom furnishings during or before a renovation, you are sure to come across flangeless toilet bowls. This is a modern solution. See what are the characteristics of flangeless bowls.

What is a flangeless toilet bowl?

Flangeless toilet bowls are slightly different from traditional ones, both in visual and practical aspect. They do not have the characteristic indentation in the construction. Thanks to this, water flows all over the inside of the toilet bowl.

What gives a flangeless toilet bowl? First of all, manufacturers claim that it is an innovative solution. It looks elegant and modern. However, it’s not just about looks. Dirt and bacteria often accumulate under the flange, which cannot be said about flangeless models. Water flows down the entire wall, which is why flangeless WC bowls are easier to clean. Bacteria have no place to settle, which is good for hygiene.

Advantages of flushless bowls

Flushless toilet bowls don’t require as much scrubbing and reaching hard to reach places. Caring for cleanliness seems simpler and quicker. This is not only about bacteria, but also about limescale.

Interestingly, there is also information about water saving in rimless models. When flushing, it flows along the entire circumference of the bowl. The water flows out precisely and evenly, which can affect the smaller amount needed to flush effectively. It is estimated that this can be as much as 30%.

Speaking of water, it’s also important to mention that rimless toilet bowls ensure that it doesn’t spill onto the floor.

Manufacturers are also trying to introduce newer and newer solutions and decide, for example, on bowls with antibacterial coatings or bowls that hang on a concealed frame . All these solutions make your bathroom cleaner, safer and more aesthetic.

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