What light color should I choose?

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A very important issue when decorating the interior is the right light. You can not skip this element, because the setting of light points and the color of lighting itself give the room a certain atmosphere.

Even after choosing lamps and chandeliers, you can not overlook the matching of light bulbs. It is worth keeping in mind the parameters that the light sources in your home have. It is thanks to them that you can change the appearance of the interior. How to choose light bulbs and what role does the color of light play? We already explain.

What is the color of light?

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing lighting is the color of the light. The color is the color temperature, which is responsible for the mood in a particular room. It should be slightly different in every room. In the bedroom it is better when the light is slightly dimmed, while in the bathroom and living room it is worth investing in more intense colors.

Even a particular arrangement has an adapted light color. For example, in modern and spacious interiors will look better intense, cold, almost white light. If the room is kept in a cozy style, the color of light should be warmer – yellow.

There are 3 colors of light – warm, cold and neutral, and the temperature is defined in Kelvin. On each package with a bulb you can find information expressed in this unit. On this basis you can determine what color of light you get when you buy a particular bulb. It is generally accepted that the higher the Kelvin value, the colder the light. For your convenience we present the specific designations:

  • warm light – 2000 K,
  • normal light – 2700 K,
  • halogen-like light – 3000 K,
  • white light, neutral – 400 K,
  • cold color – 6500 K.

What factors should I consider when choosing a light color?

The light color must match the size of the room, its purpose, and even the specific arrangement.

Room size

It is worth knowing that if you have a small apartment, it is better to choose cooler colors. Warm light makes rooms seem smaller and cozier. In small rooms, any form of optical enlargement is worth its weight in gold. You can use reliable mirrors, arrangement of panels, but first of all light. We often forget about it.

The purpose of the interior

We enter a room and either we feel good or bad in it. The color of light has a big influence on our mood. In a room with cold light we feel more stimulated. That is why they are so often used in offices. You can use them in rooms that are used for hard work. On the other hand, warm shades of light intensify the feeling of relaxation and rest in us. That is why it is worth choosing such a color in the bedroom.

Sometimes, especially with interior design in homes, you need to skillfully combine different types of lighting. A recommended patent is to use small points of light such as lamps. In a bedroom you can use cold light as a central point at the ceiling and warm light as bedside lamps. This combination will allow you to relax and read a book, but also to stimulate yourself.

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