Kitchen accessories essential for every catering business

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Setting up a catering business involves a lot of investment, important decisions and considerable risk. The key to success is, of course, delicious cuisine and good service. In addition to the obvious restaurant equipment, such as room decor, refrigeration cabinets, pots and gas stove, you need additional accessories that will make your work easier and faster, and also affect the quality of service and served dishes. See which kitchen accessories no catering facility can do without

Hand tools in the kitchen

Most restaurants and other establishments serving food use machines and food processors when preparing meals. Of course, this often speeds up cooking considerably, but it is not always necessary to use them. Sometimes it is better to grate the potatoes for one potato pancake manually, rather than messing up the mincer, which then needs to be cleaned for a long time. It is better to use a more traditional tool, but do not risk that the next customer will get a dish prepared in an unwashed device. A kitchen rod is also more useful than an automatic or manual mixer. If you need to gently beat egg whites to clarify a soup or prepare a sauce, it’s not even worth dirtying the mixer bowl. The same goes for pre-whipping a small amount of cream or mixing a sauce. While sometimes professional machines that allow you to prepare large portions of food are useful, for small-scale cooking, traditional hand tools are more useful

Money-saving equipment

In many European countries and in the United States, water in restaurants is served for free. This is thanks to the good quality of tap water that everyone drinks there. In Poland tap water is also drinkable in most cities. If you buy a tap filter for your restaurant, you will not only save money on purchase and delivery of bottled water, but you will also be able to offer your guests a free drink, which they will surely appreciate. But what about sparkling water that doesn’t come from the tap? You don’t have to buy it in bottles either, just order a water siphon. The CO2 siphon allows you to make your own sparkling water for a few cents. Its great advantage is that you can choose the level of carbonation, from very gentle bubbles to very strong gas, depending on customer preference

Comfortable space for guests

Going out to a restaurant is not just to satisfy hunger. Guests who visit your establishment are looking for a break from their everyday lives. A much-loved part of the premises, which is a great plus for any restaurant, is the garden or the patio. Food tastes better outdoors and this has been known for a long time. If you think that it is not worth renting the space in front or behind the restaurant, because it will be used only for a few months a year – nothing could be further from the truth! With heating lamps and fleece blankets for your guests, you can serve mulled wine outside even in winter. If you want to do just that, it is also worth thinking about some form of roofing, such as a folding tent. With it, even in a rain or snowstorm, your guests will be able to enjoy the delights of eating outside at a comfortable temperature and without the rain dripping on their heads

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