How to match the color of the window frame with the interior and facade?

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If you are just at the stage of designing or building a house, you are surely wondering how to color coordinate all the elements. We suggest how to match the color of window frames to the interior and facade of the building.

It is best to take care of the color harmony of all elements already at the stage of designing the building. The colors should emphasize the attractiveness of the house and match the architectural style in which it was designed. When selecting colors, we must take into account the facade, window woodwork, exterior stairs, plinths, finishing of terraces and balconies or the roof. Sometimes it can be troublesome to match the color of the window frames, because they should not only harmonize with the facade of the house, but also with the interiors.

How to match the color of the windows with the facade of the building?

Window frames look good against the facade if they match the door and garage door. Also, the frames must not “clash” with the color of the walls or the roof finish. Assistance in choosing the right colors should be offered by the architect who was responsible for creating the design of the house, but if you plan to carry out a major renovation on your own, you can be inspired by the realizations presented on online construction or architectural websites.

For years, the most popular and yet timeless window frames have been the white or wooden ones. White, narrow windows will work especially well if you want bright, sunny rooms. Wooden window frames, on the other hand, can be considered a classic solution, which will be ideal for those who appreciate natural colors and architectural elements. In particular, darker shades of mahogany and walnut are fashionable. In Scandinavian and minimalist homes, light pine wood windows will be a good choice, while in buildings designed in a modern or loft style it is worth betting on gray or graphite window frames.

In modern developments, it is also increasingly common to find window frames in intense colors. Red, yellow or blue frames will certainly catch the eye and add uniqueness to the whole project.

How to choose the color of the window frame for the interior?

Window frames should match not only the exterior elements of the design, but also the interior, including the floor, interior doors, the color of the walls or their permanent decorations made of stone or brick. If you plan to change interior designs from time to time, opt for the most versatile window frames that will fit most styles.

In modern rooms, distinguished by simplicity and minimalism, steel-blue and navy blue frames will work well. In the ever-fashionable Scandinavian interiors, it is best to bet on white or wooden window shutters in a light finish, we can opt for such shades as bleached oak and anteak, but also golden oak, Oregon oak or cherry. 

Wooden window frames will also be a good choice for rustic, colonial and boho interiors. If you like more extravagant solutions, you can opt for colorful shutters, such as those mentioned above – yellow, blue or red. However, in the case of such designs, special care should be taken to color-match all the elements.

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