How to choose a door color?

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White, colored, wooden, light, dark. We’re checking how to choose a door color for your interior, so that the whole thing looks consistent and aesthetic. It’s not as difficult as it may seem!

Arranging your own space is a big and difficult undertaking, which is not only labour- and time-consuming, but also expensive. You need to take into account many aspects, think carefully about each step and calculate the budget, so as to avoid possible unpleasant surprises later on. In all this we can not forget that in addition to functionality, practicality and high quality, aesthetics is of great importance. This is also the case with internal doors.

When buying a door for your house or apartment, you have to decide on a particular model, type of frame, handle, but also details such as type of ventilation or glass pattern. You should also be aware that choosing the color of the door is still crucial. It is such an important element of our interiors that this decision should not be made hastily. Therefore, we suggest what you should pay attention to and what should guide you.

Should we match doors to the floor or not?

For many years, there was a rule to match internal doors with the floor. In a way, this approach is right, as we will undoubtedly maintain coherence of the arrangement, however it is much better to match them with furniture, windows or walls. Remember that the color should be either similar or contrasting. It is also not recommended to introduce too many dominant colors. However, it is good to match the same color of doors, floorboards and window frames.

It is also important to keep the color temperature similar – in cool interiors cool shades, in warm ones warm, although sometimes a contrast can blend beautifully. What is important, the color of the door must match the whole apartment or house, and not only one room or one element, which unfortunately is sometimes practiced. You can also be tempted to have doors blended into the wall, which are very impressive and look extremely chic.

White or maybe colored door?

The simplest solutions are very popular, in this case white interior doors. They are very universal, timeless, not overwhelming and give a lot of freedom of arrangement.

Additionally, when we install them on a white wall, we optically enlarge the room and make it brighter, which will be appreciated especially by people with small area.

If we want to have colored doors, it will be easiest to choose those in pastel shades of pink, blue or mint, in cream and beige shades and in light brown. In some apartments, avant-garde and bold colors of doors will find a perfect match and will constitute an interior decoration in their own right. We can also always repaint our doors with a dedicated paint, which can be easily purchased in DIY stores or online.

Light and dark wood – which interiors do they suit?

Wooden-coloured doors are also leading the way and they match well with most interior designs. It is good to choose the same or similar shade as windows or furniture.

It is worth noting that light wood will enlarge the space, just like white, while dark wood looks extremely elegant, and when it is in a warm tone, then it gives the impression of cosiness.

If we have difficulty in making a decision, there is a third option – doors in an intermediate shade of wood, which will have both cooler and warmer undertones. This makes them even more universal and there is no problem with matching them to the entire style of the house or apartment

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