Pruning shears for branches. Which ones work well in the garden?

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There are many garden jobs in spring and summer. To complete them we need the right tools. Secateurs are certainly one of them. See which one is worth buying to meet your expectations!

Secateurs – division

Secateurs are divided into two groups – because of their range and technology. It is worth knowing the details related to this distinction, because on the basis of this knowledge we will be able to choose the secateurs perfectly suited to the needs of our garden.

Division by range

Secateurs are divided into short, long and pole.

Short secateurs, as the name suggests, are small. Their range allows us to cut short shoots, the thickness of which is about 25 mm in diameter. You can successfully use them with one hand, because they are very light and precise.

Long pruners are designed to work with thicker branches – up to about 45 mm. Their handles, which are located on handles with a length of about a meter, allow you to reach higher parts of trees or shrubs. In their case, you always cut with two hands. They are relatively comfortable to use, since most of them have a built-in gear that regulates the cutting force.

The last group of pruning shears divided according to the reach are shears with an extension arm. They are also popularly known as pole pruners. They are distinguished by the fact that they have the so-called “giraffe”, or boom, which is adjustable. With this solution, we can easily reach the branches of very tall trees. The mechanism of pole pruners is based on regulating the line, which runs along the boom. Depending on the specifics of the model, they can reach up to 6-7 meters.

Division by technology:

In this group, secateurs are divided into scissor secateurs, which are equipped with two blades, and anvil secateurs, which have one blade.

Secateurs have one blade curved, and the other characteristically hook-shaped. When working, they overlap but do not directly contact each other. Its use will certainly appreciate people who have a lot of unwooden parts of plants or perennials and grasses in their garden.

Anvil secateurs have a single blade, which is pressed against a nib made of metal. This way, cutting does not require much force and is a bit easier than the scissor shears group. This type of pruning shear is by far the most popular.

When deciding to buy secateurs, it is worth considering what they will be used for in the first place, in addition to their mechanisms of action, as using the wrong type for a particular plant can damage it. Anvil secateurs should definitely be intended for cutting woody and dry plants. For the rest, scissor pruning shears will work well.

Why is it worth buying secateurs?

A good secateurs, properly adapted to our needs will definitely be great in our garden and will reduce the effort that we will have to put in the work.

Perfectly shaped handles of secateurs make the load on the hand and wrist is minimized. Buying a secateurs is therefore a kind of investment. With this tool we will be happy to do many garden works, which so far gave us difficulty.

A good secateurs and appropriate cutting will also benefit our plants. The blades do not damage the plant as much as a knife or breaking it. Cutting places after using the secateurs heal faster, which makes the plant is not exposed to the development of diseases or infections.

Thoughtful purchase of secateurs is an investment for many years. Time of use paradoxically improves the performance of the tool. Every now and then, however, it is worth remembering to sharpen the blades, which will clearly affect the comfort of our work.

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