How to decorate a classic living room?

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Just as in fashion, so in interior trends, some solutions are fashionable only one season, and some remain fashionable regardless of trends. This is also the case with interiors decorated in classic style. So we suggest how you can decorate your living room so that it has a timeless character.

Color scheme for classic interiors

In every interior, including the classic one, the color scheme is extremely important. Elegant and subdued colors will work best in a classic style living room. Slightly broken white and delicate grays and beiges will look great on the walls. Such shades will not distract from the furniture and accessories and will create a beautiful background for the whole arrangement. When it comes to flooring, wooden parquet will be the most classic solution. Especially beautiful will be the one made of slightly darker wood. You can also opt for laminate flooring, but make sure that it is in natural wood tones.

When it comes to furniture, you have a bit more leeway when it comes to colors. However, opt for dark colors such as emerald green, deep navy blue, all shades of brown or even timeless black. Such colors will contrast wonderfully with light walls and will introduce to the interior a unique atmosphere

Furniture to the living room in a classic style

The basis of any living room is, of course, furniture. You already know what color scheme will work in the living room in the classic style, but what specific furniture to choose? Renovated vintage furniture will look beautiful. Old cabinets and dressers from years past, which you will give a second life, will be an amazing decoration of your living room. Also coffee tables for the living room will look great in this style. However, if you do not want to deal with the renovation of old furniture, you can decide to buy new, but stylized on vintage.

The focal point of the arrangement is, of course, the sofa for the living room. The best will look those on legs. As for the upholstery, a classic solution will be leather, or leather-like skai, and velour. Upholstered armchairs will also look great in a classic living room. Match them with the sofa to make a harmonious whole. An elegant footstool will also be a great addition.

Living room with a fireplace

A fireplace will look beautiful in a classic living room. So if you have the opportunity to appear in your home, it will become a wonderful decoration and an integral part of a classic arrangement. But how to finish it to fit into a classic living room? In such an interior, the fireplace should be strongly visible, and at the same time perfectly harmonize with the whole arrangement. So look great fireplaces richly decorated, but in muted tones, similar to the color of the walls.

Stucco – an extremely elegant wall decoration

If you want to further emphasize the classic nature of your living room, it is also worth considering decorating the walls. For this you can use an extremely elegant solution, which is stucco. You can make it from styrofoam or plaster, which will be a slightly more expensive solution. However, you will try not to overdo it with decorativeness. The stucco should be an elegant and simple decoration.

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