How to place a corner in a small room?

The smaller the room is, the more detailed the design requires. There may still be room for a corner sofa – see where to place it.

What place for a corner sofa?

In order to give a small room an impression of lightness and spaciousness, the middle of the room should be left empty when furnishing it. Furniture and all larger decorations (including, for example, plants) should be placed against the wall. However, they cannot be squeezed next to each other, because we will obtain the opposite effect. The corner sofa itself should be placed in the corner but not right next to the remaining furniture. Avoid placing it right next to the entrance to the room, as it visually reduces the size of the room and even gives the impression that it is cluttered. It is most advisable to locate the corner sofa diagonally from the door.

The corner sofa was designed to be placed in the corner of the room and that is where it looks best. If it has a square shape, you can use another option – let its longer side adjoin the wall. The suggestions discussed above are for L-shaped sofas, the U-shaped ones could look heavy and additionally take up space

Additional tips

In a small room, a corner sofa with a bedding container will be perfect. If you don’t plan to use it as a bed, you can store the items you use less often in it. Some models also have cabinets, shelves or even bars built into the armrests. It is good for the corner sofa to have a low backrest and a not too dark, pastel color

If the walls are light, choose a sofa which is a few tones darker. It is a big piece of furniture, so even such small treatments will give it lightness. This also includes a model on legs. At it you can set a coffee table with a glass top, and on the same or opposite wall – a mirror with a narrow frame, which optically enlarges the room

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