What should be in every toolbox?

A well-composed toolbox guarantees that you can handle most day-to-day repairs and maintenance yourself. The problem that may arise suddenly will then be easily overcome. What should be included in a home toolbox?


First of all, we should have on hand:

  • adjustable wrench – it will be useful for installing hoses and loosening screws, but a well-chosen wrench of this type can have very many uses, and it is versatility that is the reason for its selection;
  • pliers – absolutely basic equipment for many home repair jobs (precise holding, stripping insulation);
  • technical knife (upholstery knife) – very useful for making precise cuts;
  • zip ties, tape, and wire – a set useful for connecting parts or making insulation;
  • allen wrench – often found with furniture sets; will help loosen some types of screws e.g. in wood
  • tape measure – needed to measure accurately
  • socket wrenches – useful when adjusting or repairing a bicycle;
  • drill and screwdriver – a device with many uses; its absence will cause us problems with such a mundane task as hanging a picture.

Which toolbox will be the best?

Finally, it is worth betting on a professional toolbox. An ordinary box can fulfill this role, but it will be difficult to keep order in it. Modern tool boxes have many handles and compartments, which makes them extremely functional.

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Toby Kenney

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