How to use an old sewing machine?

Grandma’s beautiful vintage Singer doesn’t have to be just collecting dust in the attic! See how you can give a second life to an unused sewing machine.

The sewing machine consists of a table, the driving system (crank or pedal) and the actual sewing element, usually hidden in the table top. How to use such a device if we do not continue the sewing tradition of our mothers and grandmothers?

Balanced tables

Thanks to its balance, the lower part of the sewing machine can serve as a decorative table for the living room or hallway. It can also be adapted as a base for the basin bowl. Some models come with small drawers under the top, these are perfect for a mini dressing table for small bedrooms, or a desk for a tablet or laptop

Elegant decorations

Openwork legs, beautiful wooden tops, and ornate brass parts all add up to a sewing machine and, with a little restoration effort, can become the perfect decoration for a rustic or vintage-style interior. The pedal of the machine can also be replaced by a dark pot with a planted vine, the support of which will be replaced by a table and a device. Such a decoration will be great on the terrace, where it will evoke a slightly mysterious, fairy-tale mood

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