Is it possible to have a campfire in the garden?

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes bonfire season. But is it legal?

According to the Waste Act of 14 December 2012, only green waste not subject to selective collection may be disposed of by burning. Since segregation of green waste is now mandatory throughout Poland, unfortunately bonfires to burn leaves are illegal

Another type of bonfire is a recreational one, so bonfires “with a beer and sausage” are a perfectly acceptable form of spending time on the plot . We just need to make sure that the place complies with fire regulations, according to which the bonfire must be located at least:

  • 100 m from the edge of the forest,
  • 10 m from a place where crops are stored,
  • 4 m from a neighbouring plot of land,
  • at a safe distance from other flammable materials.

Before lighting a bonfire it is advisable to prepare a garden hose or sand in case the flames are too intense. It is alsoadvisable to warn the neighbors in order to avoid unpleasant denunciations due to smoke.

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