Aging wood with vinegar – how to do it?

Lovers of vintage style often use elements that appear old and “worn” for interior decoration. Old wood in particular is popular. We must admit that it has its own unique charm. How to get it?

How to achieve the retro effect of wood?

Achieving the effect of old wood will be possible by treating the wood with vinegar. For this method, it is necessary to have apple cider vinegar and old nails or steel wool. It is good to plan this experiment in advance, because the whole process takes several days. Start by pouring apple cider vinegar into a large container and soak the nails or steel wool in it. In a few days the vinegar will turn color and our task will be to apply the obtained liquid in layers on the raw wood. It is best to do this with a brush.

The desired effect will be obtained after the wood is completely dry. We need to remember about the rule, that the darker shade of wood we want to obtain, the longer the solution should “mature”. Fortunately, this is a one-time process that does not need to be repeated.

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