Leather or upholstered sofa? Pros and cons

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The sofa is the queen of every living room. It is on it that you watch TV, read books for relaxation and seat guests during social gatherings. So it is worth choosing an option, which meets the highest standards of comfort and durability. Leather or upholstered? – that is the question

Both leather and upholstered sofas have a large group of supporters. They differ not only in price but also in durability and resistance to dirt and water. Before making a choice it is also worth paying attention to the multitude of shades and patterns of the cover and the overall comfort of use

Couch made of genuine leather


  • durability

Natural leather products (not only furniture) are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance. Of course, they require constant impregnation, but properly used and maintained will thank us for many years of perfect condition. After some time, natural leather may start to “stretch”, however, this is a natural process and is much slower than crushing of eco-leather or rubbing of upholstery. The durability of natural leather is also related to its thickness

  • easy to clean

Natural leather is resistant to dirt and water – especially if regularly impregnated and oiled. A leather sofa should be wiped clean of dust on a daily basis. You can do it with a soft microfiber cloth or special terry cloth gloves. Do not try to clean a natural leather sofa with ordinary soap! It will have the same effect as on your face skin – it will dry it out and strip it of its natural protective barrier

  • hypoallergenic

Natural leather is full of pores that help air circulate between the inside of the couch and the environment. As a result, it does not collect dust and dust mites like upholstered sofas. For this reason, they are ideal for allergy sufferers


  • unorganic

Many people think that natural leather is an un-ecological product, because it is necessary to slaughter animals to produce it. Usually, however, natural leather is just a byproduct of meat production. However, if you are a vegan or simply interested in conservation issues, you need to consider this dilemma according to your own moral compass

  • way

The biggest drawback of a natural leather couch is, of course, the price. Good quality leather furniture is usually handmade, which also raises their prices, which can exceed even several thousand zlotys. Admittedly, it is a profitable investment, as you do not have to replace the sofa after a few seasons. However, if you are not ready for such a long-term design commitment, it is better to choose an upholstered couch, which you can easily upholster anew.

Upholstered couch


  • multitude of colors and patterns

Although natural leather looks prestigious and elegant, upholstered furniture creates more design possibilities. You can choose the type of upholstery – velvet , velour, velvet, linen – as well as the color that suits your interior. And don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and decorative elements like quilting

  • resistant to moisture and dirt

The interior design market is moving forward and trying to adapt to the needs of lovers of useful design. On the wave of popularity of the Scandinavian style, which in its minimalist aesthetics tries to maximize the functionality of furniture and accessories, modern design focuses on the utility of compositional elements. For this reason the fabrics used for upholstering sofas and armchairs are reinforced with special fibres that reduce the risk of abrasion and protected with special hydrophobic coatings that reduce the absorption of liquids. Removing dirt and stains is much easier!

  • price

The amount of upholstered furniture available on the market is incomparably higher than leather furniture. Therefore, according to all the rules of supply and demand, the prices are also more affordable. However, it’s worth remembering that a sofa is a piece of furniture that is ultimately meant to stay with you for a long time – so maybe it’s worth spending a little more, but getting a better quality product in return?


  • wear and tear

Upholstered sofas are characterized by lower resistance to use and mechanical damage. After a few seasons of constant use, abrasions begin to appear – especially on velour fabrics with a clearly marked texture. Lower-end materials may also fade when exposed to sunlight and with the passage of time

  • not for allergy sufferers

As mentioned at the very beginning, leather is the best material for allergy sufferers. Fabrics collect dust and mites, which promotes not only the increase of inflammation, but also the development of new allergies

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