Bathroom lighting and safety – pay attention!

The bathroom is a particularly intimate place, so it must be decorated in a way that is functional and comfortable for household members. Properly placed lighting will certainly help in this. However, you need to pay attention to certain issues related to safety. Check it out!

Lighting in the bathroom incredibly important

Most often, lighting in the bathroom plays a huge role because the room is underexposed and does not often have access to daylight. That’s why it has to be placed in such a way that it makes it easier to take care of your body, apply makeup or perform other hygienic activities. In small interiors lighting can also cause optical enlargement.

What kind of lighting in a bathroom should you choose? Let’s divide them into several types:

  • main lighting – usually in the form of lamps on the ceiling, plafonds or spot lighting,
  • side lamps – e.g. at the mirror, which illuminate an important area,
  • decorative lighting – e.g. LED strips that emphasize the look of shelves and standing decorations.

Safe lighting in the bathroom – what kind of lighting?

Before you start choosing lighting for your bathroom, think about safety. This is evidenced, for example, by the IP rating, which is the class of water resistance of equipment or furnishings. The higher the value, the better, because it shows that the lighting is more resistant to water.

Pay attention to the lighting of the bathing area, i.e. the shower or the bathtub. Light is necessary here, but it must be properly adjusted. Not only the IP rating but also low-voltage fixtures are important here. In the area above the bathtub or shower cubicle, it is best to choose lamps with IP65. Lighting next to a bathtub or over a washbasin may be of lesser value. IP44 is sufficient here.

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